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Asian carp invasion

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For more information on the Invasive Species Act and Regulations visit www. Asian carps were brought from Asia to North America in the s and 70s. Since then they have migrated north through U.

Asian carps prefer cool to moderate water temperatures, like those found near the shores of the Great Lakes.

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If Asian carps become established in Ontario waters, they could potentially eat the food supply that our native fish depend on and crowd them out of their habitat. Bighead, Silver, Grass and Black Carp.

Bighead Carp and Silver Carp are the species that have spread the most aggressively and can be considered one of the greatest threats to the Great Lakes. Silver Carp are a hazard for boaters. The vibration of boat propellers can make Silver Carp jump up Asian carp invasion three metres out of the water.

Asian carp are one of...

Boaters and water-skiers in areas of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers have been seriously injured by jumping fish. Be sure not to confuse Asian carps with Common Carp.

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Common Carp are originally from Asia but were introduced to Canadian waters over years ago, and are commonly mistaken Asian carp invasion Asian carps. This diagram shows the key identification features to look out for.

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Background Asian carps were brought from Asia to North America in the s and 70s. Are successful invaders that have replaced native species in areas of the Mississippi River and its tributaries.