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They were founded in the s as part of efforts of protection [10] for Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees from the more numerous American gangs in their localities. The end of the Korean WarVietnam War and the " Secret Wars " resulted in a new wave of Asian immigrants to America, many of whom were refugees from war-torn countries escaping the brutal political conditions their generations Gang ganged asians faced with for most of the late Gang ganged asians century.

Upon being forced to retreat from their home countries, many of these refugee groups emigrated overseas, the larger numbers of whom were admitted into the U.

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Mental illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression were few of many issues affecting their families and communities. Most refugees from Southeast Asia were admitted into the U. In hindsight, Gang ganged asians Asian immigrants often found their new environments difficult to adjust to, and is often accounted to their distinctiveness Gang ganged asians culture, language, ethnicities and other characteristics.

Unemployment was a major issue affecting the Southeast Asian communities, while their youth constantly struggled in the school system. Environmental factors had especially taken its toll on the youth, most of whom were faced with harassment, extortion and discrimination related to racism, life-threatening dangers and whose experiences were more or less inflicted by those of other Asian communities, Mexican-Americans and African-Americans.

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