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On one end of the spectrum, we have Goyathe story of a true creative genius who changed art forever, on the other end of the spectrum we have Solo Sunnythe story of a young lounge singer who is just Naked men in sport enough scrape by, but not much more. The thing all three main characters have in common is a strong creative urge. Goya paints in spite the threat of the Spanish Inquisition; Sunny tries to perfect a hit single in spite of never playing anywhere with more than fifty people in the audience, Naked men in sport Herbert Kemmel, the sculptor in The Naked Man on the Sports Fieldcontinues to follow his own visions in the face of civic criticism.

Being an East German film, this last issue is the most important.

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Since artistic abilities and the creative impulse are unique to an individual, what is its place in socialist society? Should this one man be allowed to follow his own muse, or should the will of the collective prevail?

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It also addresses what happens when the public is no longer able to discern good art from bad, relying instead on fixed categories of what they think art is supposed to be instead of nuanced intellectual examination. With GoyaWolf placed the action in Spain in the late s.

The naked man in the title refers to a piece Kemmel is commissioned to sculpt for the local athletic field. Expecting a clothed soccer player, the local authorities are horrified to to see a life-size bronze of a naked man instead. In this case, Wolf, a lifelong communist seems to suggest that in an ideal socialist society there is room for both.

Throughout the film Kemmel discusses art with various people and finds their perspectives Naked men in sport the subject severely limited. Most of the film concerns the relationship between Kemmel and his model Hannes. Hannes is just an ordinary guy, a member of a local construction brigade who has agreed to pose for Kemmel.

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As always, Kohlhaase is concerned with the way people communicate. Usually this takes the form of people from different regions trying to communicate Germans and Russians, Berliners and everybody elsebut here it is about the limitations of communication between people of different walks of life.

He is often called on to play police and government officials because of this. Here, he is slightly outside of the mainstream, but not dangerously so. Hannes is played by Martin Trettau, who worked primarily on television.

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Like many East German actors, Trettau found work after the Wende became more scarce, but did a few television shows before retiring. He died in in Berlin.

Various artists and sculptors were hired to create the artwork shown in the film. Works by fellow artists Will Lammert and Albert Ebert also appear in the film.

The film features a remarkably minimal score consisting of guitar and a pan flute.

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Sasse could create an orchestral piece with the best of them, but he was no one-trick pony. If he or the director thought a film score required only one or two instruments, he could do that as well.