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How to let things go in a relationship

xXx Photo Galleries How to let things go in a relationship.

Dirty socks left on the floor — the fifth time this week — texting during your dinner date, forgetting to take the trash out — again — and what seems like endless interruptions when you talk.

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These are just some of the irritations couples deal with on a day-to-day basis. For instance, a longitudinal study of married couples found that happy couples do sweat the small stuff and work to resolve these issues right away.

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So how do you resolve relationship annoyances without nitpicking, nagging or tiptoeing around your partner and fuming on the inside? Three couples specialists offer their tips for finding a happy medium and fostering a fulfilling relationship.

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D, a San Francisco clinical psychologist specializing in couples therapy. As psychologist David BrickerPh. But the underlying issues are easy to miss. According to Solley, there are several reasons: So what are the core issues?

Getting to the real issue also gets couples closer to a solution. Bricker says that usually after about five minutes of arguing about an issue and its various details, the conversation becomes about something else entirely.

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But you need to make sure that this truly is a tiny thing. How can you tell?

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