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Dating nightmares of a single woman

Good Video 18+ Dating nightmares of a single woman.

Dear single women, If you are living in Singapore, beware of these creeps: He said I did not put down the time for people to call but I asked him had he any brains to think what the right time was to call strangers up for a chat! I will post more details about these guys in the coming days.

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I have been so busy with work and really have no intention to maintain this blog but recently there has been a slew of such brainless inconsiderate disturbances that I must voice out to you. There are many creeps out there! What do we need them for??????

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Posted by SharonLin at 2: Links to this post Email This BlogThis! Wednesday, October 18, I'm taking a break. Comment below and I'll start writing about them after I've stabilised in my new job role and have the time to write.

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Also, do check out a few new blogs and projects which I wanted to start soon and they are: Posted by SharonLin at 4: Monday, August 28, Dating Nightmares: Today is the Chinese Valentine's Day! Today is the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the Chinese calendar.

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It originated from our Chinese Qixi Festival as well. The earliest time this story had been found documented was during the the Han dynasty, about years before birth of Christ.

So this story has more than years of history. The cowherd boy was a mortal while the weaver girl was an immortal fairy. One day, the weaver girl came down to earth from the heavens and fell in love with the cowherd boy.

They married each other and have two lovely kids. Then, the weaver girl's mother, the goddess, found out about this outrageous act and was infuriated.

An immortal and a mortal was not allowed to fall in love.

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She immediately commanded her daughter to return to the heavens. The weaver girl did, after which the goddess created a galaxy the Milky Way that separated the weaver girl from the cowherd and her two children.

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As years went by, the goddess took pity on them and allowed them to be reunited just for day in a year. On this day, countless magpie could fly in and form a bridge over the Milky Way and allow the devoted lovers to meet each other.

Dating Nightmares of a Single...

It's a little sad reading about the story but the upside of this story is that it informs us that true love does surpass everything. I hope that you have found your true love. If not, don't give up easily!