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Social penetration theory of pyschology

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It is also used in other fields of study such as psychology to explain the interaction between people. The social penetration theory has also been used as a starting point to develop other theories in the field of communication. The social penetration theory is an objective theory A First Look At Communication, page 25 and is often referred to as the Onion Theory. The disclosure creates a wedge of information into your personality that deepens as the relationship deepens. This is Social penetration theory of pyschology through depth and breadth of self-disclosure.

The social penetration theory (SPT)...

They also feel the satisfaction and stability comparison levels play a part of whether a person will feel free to self-disclose. Social penetration theory of pyschology believes that there are five rules that guide how much we are willing to share. They are Bullock 2 culture, gender, motives, context and risk-benefit ratio.

The depth of disclosure also is determined by boundaries and privacy rules. Irwin Altman continued to explore his own social penetration theory. Brown he co-authored an article that was included in the textbook Adv Experiment Social Psychology.

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Theories need to develop and grow as times change and societies perceptions of the world change. The co-authors of this article, Dr. Christine Fogliasso, and Dr.

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