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Stripper for mcm cable

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Komax becomes the first company in the industry to win a Red Dot Award with the Mira stripping machine. We develop customized solutions that add value to the overall process and thereby optimize profitability.

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The stripping machines process conductors with outside diameters of 0. The machines can be used for full and partial pull-off on individual conductors or on inner conductors of multi-core cables.

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This model has a rotating blade head featuring two blades. It processes a large range of insulation.

The Cosmic R is especially suited to handling a great diversity of products made in small to medium quantities. This model is ideal for processing thin and bonded types of insulation e. These types of insulation require a high pull-off force.

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The Cosmic RX has a special rotating blade head for this purpose fitted with linearly guided quadruple blades. The quadruple blades centre the cable precisely and transmit the big pull-off forces needed. This model is designed for big stripping lengths of up to mm.

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It is based on the proven principle of the Cosmic R. Splayed conductor ends disrupt further processing.

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The twisting function in the Cosmic devices prepares the cable in an optimum way for being handled during assembly or tinning. The strand end can be twisted to the right or left during insulation pull-off.

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Twisting plates are available as an option for even more intensive twisting. Pneumatic connection operated with blow-out jet. Complies with the EC directives on machine safety and electromagnetic compatibility. In case of doubt, we recommend that you have samples made of the conductors before making a purchase.

Wire Stripper

Stripper for mcm cable DE Favorites 0. Cosmic - Rotary wire stripper. Description Technical Data Applications Downloads. The rotating blade heads of the Cosmic series provide the perfect solution for processing demanding insulation. Each model in the series has a specific area of application: The Cosmic R processes a large range of insulation materials.

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The RX shows its true strength with thin or bonded types of insulation. The RX-WL accommodates the biggest stripping length. Area of application The stripping machines process conductors with outside diameters of 0.

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