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Belize retirement communities

XXX Video Belize retirement communities.

Belize Retirement is not nearly as expensive as you may be thinking.

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Belize may not be Belize retirement communities cheapest Belize retirement communities to live in, but it is a tropical paradise and comes with so many benefits that the little bit more you do have to pay here versus some other Asian or Latin American countries is totally worth it. The dollars from your retirement checks and investment income just seems to stretch in Belize. Most everyday items are cheaper here.

You will save significantly on medical, household help, insurance, produce, cable TV and taxes. A few items that will cost you more are electricity, Internet, cellular service and gasoline.

Housing really depends on what you prefer and may be significantly cheaper or more expensive.

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Here is an example: Electricity, water, telephone, and Internet: English is the official language of Belize. In fact, Belize is the only country in Central or South America where this is true. If you come from the US, Canada or the U. Spanish is also widely spoken and is probably the more popular language, Belize retirement communities most Belizeans are bilingual or even tri-lingual.

All street signs, official documents, media and menus are in English. Studies show that many wealthy immigrants have settled in Belize largely because it is English-speaking. You may attain better services and living conditions for less in Guatemala or Mexico, but speaking English is often the deciding factor when choosing to live in Belize.

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On day one you can shop, dine, talk, and ask for directions without consulting a language book or a foreign language app on your smart phone.

Living and retiring in Belize will actually improve your health and make you look and feel better. Unprocessed foods, grass fed beef, fresh fish, fresh fruit, free range chickens and eggs, locally grown vegetables, grains and nuts and please Belize retirement communities not forget the fresh coconut water made while you watch.

Belize is a small, beautiful...

You will spend more time outdoors in the unpolluted, ocean air rather than in stuffy, climate-controlled homes or offices. Aches and pains appear to disappear. Most people report feeling healthier within a few days or weeks.

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