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Deep penetration munitions

Sexy Video Deep penetration munitions.

There are thousands of military facilities around the world that defy conventional attack.

Caves in Afghanistan burrow into mountainsides, and immense concrete bunkers lie buried deep in the sand in Iraq. These Deep penetration munitions facilities house command centers, ammunition depots and research labs that are either of strategic importance or vital to waging war.

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Because they are underground, they are hard to find and extremely difficult to strike. Known as bunker bustersthese bombs penetrate deep into the earth or right through a dozen feet of reinforced concrete before exploding. These bombs have made it possible to reach and destroy facilities that would have been impossible to attack otherwise.

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In this article, Deep penetration munitions learn about several different types of bunker buster so you will understand how they work and where the technology is heading. During the Gulf war, allied forces knew of several underground military bunkers in Iraq that were so well reinforced and so deeply buried that they were out of reach of existing munitions.

Air Force started an intense research and development process to create a new bunker-busting bomb to reach and destroy these bunkers. In just a few weeks, a prototype was created.

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This new bomb had the following features:. Package Bombs Are Rare in the U. How to Survive a Nuclear Attack.

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