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T he last time I saw Gail Dines speak, at a conference in Boston, she moved the audience to Fuck face violent clips with her description of the problems caused by pornography, and provoked laughter with her sharp observations about pornographers themselves.

Activists in the audience were newly inspired, and men at the event — many of whom had never viewed pornography as a problem before — queued up afterwards to pledge their support.

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The scene highlighted Dines's explosive charisma and the fact that, since the death of Andrea Dworkin, she has risen to that most difficult and interesting of public roles: Dines is also a highly regarded academic and her new book, Pornland: She wrote it primarily to educate people about what pornography today is really like, she says, and to banish any notion of it as benign titillation.

The book documents the recent history of porn, including the technological shifts that have made Fuck face violent clips accessible on mobile phones, videogames and laptops.

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According to Dines's research the prevalence of porn means that men are becoming desensitised to it, and are therefore seeking out ever harsher, more violent and degrading images. Even the porn industry is shocked by how much violence the fans want, she says; at the industry conferences that Dines attends, porn makers have increasingly been discussing the trend for more extreme practices.

And the audience is getting younger.

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