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Charismatic domination nature

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This is an article by Max Weber that I found on the internet at Sociology of Charisma ; related links are at Max Weber's Texts I have edited the work and presented it in a format that is convenient for me.

I include the article in my site for its usefulness to me; if there is any objection, contact me at anilmitra horizons No action needed for Journey in Being ; there, may however, be an interest in its application in the Journey in Being Division on Charismatic domination nature, Charisma and Influence, and History. Bureaucracy and patriarchalism are antagonistic in many respects, but they share continuity as one of their most important characteristics.

In this sense both are structures of everyday life. The patriarch is the natural leader in matters of everyday life. In this respect, bureaucracy is merely the rational counterpart of patriarchalism. Charismatic domination nature, too, is a permanent structure and, with its system of rational rules, oriented toward the satisfaction of calculable needs with ordinary, everyday means.

All Charismatic domination nature needs, i. The further we go back into history, the more strongly does this statement hold. The heroic ecstasy of the Nordic berserk, the legendary Irish folk hero Cuchulain or the Homeric Achilles was a manic seizure. The berserk, for example, bit into his shield and all about himself, like a mad dog, before rushing off in bloodthirsty frenzy; for a long time his seizure was said to have been artificially induced through drugs.

The ecstasis of the Shamans is linked to constitutional epilepsy, the possession and testing of which proves the charismatic qualification. For us, both forms of ecstasy are not edifying; neither is the kind of revelation Charismatic domination nature in the Holy Book of the Mormons; if we were to evaluate this revelation, we would perhaps Charismatic domination nature forced to call it a rank swindle.

However, sociology is not concerned with such value judgments. This was true of doctors and prophets just as much as of judges, military leaders, or the leaders of great hunting expeditions.

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In principle, these phenomena are universal, even though they Charismatic domination nature often most evident in the religious realm. In radical contrast to bureaucratic organization, charisma knows no formal and regulated appointment or dismissal, no career, advancement or salary, no supervisory or appeals body, no local or purely technical jurisdiction, and no permanent institutions in the manner of bureaucratic agencies, which are independent of the incumbents and their personal charisma.

Charisma is self-determined and sets its own limits. Its bearer seizes the task for which he is destined and demands that Charismatic domination nature obey and follow him by virtue of his mission.

However, he does not derive his claims from the will of his followers, in the manner of an election; rather, it is their duty to recognize his charisma. In the Chinese case this is simply the recognition of the charismatic Charismatic domination nature of the royal office, which requires Charismatic domination nature personal qualification and effectiveness. As a rule, charisma is a highly individual quality. This implies that the mission and the power of its bearer is qualitatively delimited from within, not by an external order.

Normally, the mission is directed to a local, ethnic, social, political, vocational or some other group, and that means that it also finds its limits at the edges of these groups. As in all other respects, charismatic domination is also the opposite of bureaucracy in regard to its economic substructure. Bureaucracy depends on continuous income, at least a potiori on a money economy and tax money, but charisma lives in, not off, this world.

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This must be understood properly. Frequently charisma abhors the owning and making of money--witness Saint Francis and many of his kind.

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But this is not Charismatic domination nature rule. In our value-free sense of the term, an ingenious pirate may be a charismatic ruler, and the charismatic political heroes are out for booty especially, money. The point is that charisma rejects as undignified all methodical rational acquisition, in fact, all rational economic conduct.

This accounts also for its radical difference from the patriarchal structure, which rests upon an orderly household. In its pure form charisma is never a source of private income; it is neither utilized for the exchange of services nor is it exercised for pay, and it does not know orderly taxation to meet the material demands of its mission; rather, if it has a peaceful purpose, it receives the requisite means through sponsors or through honorific gifts, dues and other voluntary contributions of its own following.

In the case of charismatic warriors the booty is both means and end of the mission. In contrast to all patriarchal forms of domination, pure charisma is opposed to all systematic economic activities; in fact, it is the strongest anti-economic force, even when it is after material possessions, as in the case of the charismatic warrior.

For charisma is by nature not a continuous institution, but in its pure type the very opposite. In order to live up to their mission the master Charismatic domination nature well as his disciples and immediate following must be free Charismatic domination nature the ordinary worldly attachments and duties of occupational and family life. Those who have a share [klhros] in charisma must inevitably turn away from the world: According to the type of charisma and the conduct corresponding to it, the economic conditions of participation may contrast with one another.

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Charismatic authority is naturally unstable. The charismatic hero derives his authority not from an established order and enactments, as if it were an official competence, and not from custom or feudal fealty, as under patrimonialism. He gains and retains it solely by proving his Charismatic domination nature in practice. He must work miracles, if he wants to be a prophet. He must perform heroic deeds, if he wants to Charismatic domination nature a warlord.

Most of all, his divine mission must prove itself by bringing well-being to his faithful followers; if they do not fare well, he obviously is not the god-sent master.

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