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Lost my phone in lyft

XXX pics Lost my phone in lyft.
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Losing your phone — or wallet or keys — in a cab or ride-hailing service is one of the 21st century's minor miseries.

There are steps you can take to retrieve your items. Lose your phone in an Uber?

A few minutes after exiting a taxi, you pat your pocket and feel an unfamiliar emptiness. And as it turns out, popular high-tech ride-hailing services that are powered by mobile technology, such as Uber and Lyft, actually make getting your lost phone a little easier.

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First, navigate to Uber. Uber will call that number and then connect you directly with your driver. From there, you can check with the driver to make sure you did, in fact, leave your item in your Uber and not at the bar or in the couch cushions of the third holiday party you attended that night — and then coordinate a time with the driver to return your misplaced item.

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Lyft, another popular ride-hailing app, also allows riders to contact drivers about lost items. However most of those options require you to use the Lyft app — Lost my phone in lyft, therefore, still have your phone with you. Without your phone, you can message your driver via the emailed ride receipt documenting your trip. So, open your email and look for the message for your most recent ride receipt. The Lyft website has more details about using the Lyft app to contact a driver about a lost item.

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Items left in D. Department of For-Hire Vehicles the new name for the D.

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Unlike with Uber and Lyft, the department has no idea what cab you were in on your way home from the club last Saturday or the name of the driver. Some of these details may be a little … fuzzy.

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Still, do your best to provide as much information as you can. You can report a missing item 24 hours a day at or fill out this online form.

If an item matching your description is turned in, the department will contact you. All items not claimed within five days are turned over to the property division of the D.

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You left your phone in an Uber or taxi. By Jack Moore November 29, 5: Other Galleries See our other photo and media galleries. Alexandria teen to be sentenced in MSrelated killing of Md.

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