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Posted June 03, Instead, she wound up being secretly recorded by criminals who seized control of her computer and switched on her webcam.

The scammers that targeted Melinda have secretly filmed dozens of Australians in their own homes, luring them in through fake tech support websites. Remote-access scammers trick their victims into handing over big money — as well as control of their computers — in return Mature aussies network video fake fixes for technical problems that never existed.

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The scammers then post the videos to their YouTube page, using them as testimonials to convince future targets that their services are legitimate.

He managed to get his bank to reverse the transaction, but the experience was deeply frustrating. Professor Sussman's troubles began when he went online in search of help downloading Adobe software to a new computer in November He found what he thought was an official Adobe tech support page, and called a Mature aussies network video listed on the site.

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The phone number connected him to an organisation called Macpatchers, whose website has since vanished from the internet. The Macpatchers tech support operator told him a virus was stopping him installing the software, and asked him to download a program that gave remote access to his computer. They say, 'look we need to check why this is, and the only way we can do that is to in fact Mature aussies network video access to your computer,'" he said.

Professor Sussman said the operator "did some things" to his computer that made it look like they were removing the viruses. At the end of the process, they asked him to read out a line of text on his screen confirming he was happy with the service.

The video is among 69 secretly recorded clips of Australians posted on Macpatcher's YouTube channel.

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The videos capture victims in extremely private settings — their bedrooms, lounge rooms, kitchens and studies. Those who spoke to the ABC were understandably horrified to discover the videos had been posted online.

The scam was uncovered by self-described scam-baiter David, who seeks out organised criminals online. He requested his full name not to be used, because he has made enemies out of the criminal organisations he investigates.

In the video, the Macpatchers operator — who Mature aussies network video connected to David's computer — can be seen directing his web browser to the collection of victim videos on YouTube.

David believes one of the most concerning elements of the scam is that Macpatchers used an Australian number to lure in victims.

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He has collected dozens of Australian telephone numbers used by Mature aussies network video over the past year, and reported the numbers to the telco networks that host them. Scam victim support group IDCare said it had also noticed a spike in Australian telephone numbers being linked to scams. Telco industry group the Communications Alliance said network providers act promptly to shut down telephone numbers they believe are being used for scams.

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You might have noticed the absence of our weekly news quiz. It still exists, just not where you might expect. Andy Factor survived the "night of broken glass" in Germany in and can still recall the shattering noise.

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But exactly 80 years later, it's the rising sound of white nationalism that has him scared. At the core of Malcolm Turnbull's inability to explain the leadership implosion is incredulity at the conduct of colleagues, writes Greg Jennett.

Can I borrow some money? It's a question many of us dread — particularly from friends.

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We ask the experts how to handle this delicate negotiation. A secret recording was made of this woman, then posted to YouTube without her knowledge.

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Dozens of Australians secretly filmed using their webcams without their knowledge Hacked recordings were posted on Youtube as endorsements for the scam service Using an Australian phone number, the scam catches people searching for online support to install tech products.

Do you know more about this story? Australians caught up in online scam.

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Geoff Sussman fell victim to the online scam, before eventually recovering his money. Geoff Sussman's webcam was accessed without his knowledge. Geoff Sussman is disappointed the scam phone number is still being used on the internet.

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This page — which comes up when searching for Adobe support — leads people to a scam phone number. Top Stories Bourke St attacker shot dead by police after killing one, wounding two photos Chaos, confusion and a man with a shopping trolley: Foley vs Raper shows that even if you're a good girl, you're still going to cop it Satanic Temple sues Netflix and Warner Bros over statue in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 76yo found Mature aussies network video of killing ex-wife's new partner with tomahawk photos 'We want Mature aussies network video vote counted': Florida Senate, Governor's races look set for recounts photos SPORT Spin bowler's degree twirl falls foul of umpires Stephen Hawking's motorised wheelchair fetches more than half a million dollars at auction photos 'It's bloody disgusting': Connect with ABC News.

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