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List of words that start with x

Naked Pictures List of words that start with x.

When the lexicographer Dr. But why not try boosting your vocabulary with these 40 words that start with X.

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In old naval slang, an X-catcher or X-chaser was someone who was good at math—literally someone good at working out the value of x. Victorian slang for criminals or pickpockets, or people who make a living by some underhand means. Derived from the same root as xenophobiaa xenagogue is someone whose job it is to conduct strangers or to act as a guide while….

The adjective xenial is used to describe a friendly relationship between two parties, in particular between a hospitable host and his or her guests, or diplomatically between two countries. A xenium is a gift or offering given to a stranger, which in its native Ancient Greece would once have been a lavish feast or a refreshing spread of food and fruit. In the 19th century art world, however, xenium came to refer to a still-life painting depicting something like a extravagant display of food or a bowl of fruit.

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A government formed by foreigners or outsiders is a xenocracy. A member of one is a xenocrat.

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A 17th century word for hospitality. The scientific study of extraterrestrial phenomena is xenology. The study of extraterrestrial life forms is xenobiology.

The opposite of xenophobia is xenomania or xenophilianamely an intense enthusiasm or fondness for anything or anyone foreign.

An ecological term used to describe anywhere extremely dry or arid. The eating of dry food is xerophagy.

It's not just "xylophone" anymore....

Some compound words make perfect sense. The list goes on: Other compound words … not so much. A nightmare is not a nocturnal horse. An earmark is not some kind of head tattoo. And who in the world knows what a hodgepodge is? The game has nothing to do with little kids skipping over glasses of Johnnie Walker.

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Back in the 17 century, the word scotch could be used to describe a gash, score, or line. Kidnap is a relic of an old spelling battle and has nothing to do with child abductors taking a snooze.

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Nab eventually won the semantic battle—but the old spelling remains ossified here. According to Leviticus, two goats were chosen on the Day of Atonement: Rather, wedlock is a fascinating relic of Old English.

In the 16th century, honeymoon had nothing to do with a post-marriage vacation—rather, it simply denoted the first month of marriage. The word is a corruption of the 15th-century word hotchpotchwhich itself is a corruption of hotchpothochepocheor hotpotch. In Anglo-Norman, a hochepot was a blended stew of minced beef or goose and veggies.

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Farmers would mark the ears of their sheep as proof of ownership. In the s, the word egg-plant made far more sense, because it was used to describe a white-fruited type of tomato, or Solanum esculentumthat resembled About a century later, the word began applying to the purple-fruited and not-so-eggy aubergine.

Hogwashspecifically, was a swill so bad that it would be thrown out for the swine. Eventually, the word for this rotten, pig-quality hootch took on a more colorful meaning to denote rotten, pig-quality ideas.

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A lot of people tend to think that breaking a bone is worse than fracturing it—or perhaps they believe it's the other way around. Others may think of a fracture as a specific kind of break called a hairline crack. However, as Arkansas-based orthopedic surgeon Dr. Noel Henley points out in the YouTube video below, these are all common misconceptions.

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A fracture and a break are actually one and the same. One is not worse than the other when it comes to breaking bones.

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Some of the confusion might stem from the fact that the word fracture is often used to describe specific kinds of breaks, as in compound fracturesoblique fracturesand comminuted fractures.

Using the scaphoid bone in the wrist as an example, Dr. In some cases, surgery might be necessary.

It could be more serious than you realize. Have you got a Big Question you'd like us to answer?

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