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Debra barone erotic stories

Hot Nude Debra barone erotic stories.

Debra barone erotic stories husband Ray was going away on a business trip and she'd confided in him her worries about the rash of break-in's in their normally quiet neighborhood. Ray allayed her fears of being left alone with the kids by asking his brother Robert to stay at the house with his family while he was away. Deborah knew that her huge brother-in-law was a NYPD Police Sergeant and that he was sleeping on the couch in the living room, but still her mind was flashing the lurid details of what had happened to three of the housewives.

They had been unfortunate enough to be home alone when the nighttime intruder struck.

They'd been brutally raped by a man described as being a huge black man and her imagination was running Debra barone erotic stories with the vision of being at the mercy of a huge rapist with a massive black horsecock. Ray was average sized and in the back of her mind she'd always wondered what a huge cock would feel like ramming deep inside of her.

It was actually making her wet as she tossed and turned, to the point where she got out of bed and went down to the kitchen for a glass of warm milk. As she passed the couch she paused and looked down at her big strong brother in law.

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He was sound asleep and she was shocked to notice that he had an erection. One that stretched out his shorts to an incredible size. He was really hung, as they say, she thought. It was easily twice the size of his brother's and she again thought about what would have happened if she'd met Robert first. He was a gentle giant, so sweet and sensitive, so understanding.

So unlike his brother Ray. God, her mind just wouldn't let up she thought as she felt another tingle in her warm squishy cunt. She shook her head and went into the kitchen to try and calm herself down. Deborah was just putting a pan out when she heard the backdoor open. Her instincts told her something was wrong as she Debra barone erotic stories towards the sound.

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There in the open doorway, Deborah saw a huge black man looking at her with evil intent. She knew instantly that it was the nighttime rapist Debra barone erotic stories tried to scream, but the man grabbed her by the hair and covered her mouth with his other hand.

I know your old man is out of town and your Debra barone erotic stories alone with your kids. Play along and I won't hurt them either You know I'm thinking that you and me should get to know each other. I'm told you I was gunna' fuck you. I bet you never had a big black dick? Ever fantasized about a big black stud fuckin' your tight white little pussy?

You hot assed white housewives all dream about it, don'tcha? Deborah was in pure shock.

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The thought of sex with someone other than her husband had been on her mind all night and now it was about to happen. The big cock of her dreams was going to take her. The black man said, "Listen bitch, you and me got a little business to do. He finished removing all his clothes and stood naked from head to toe. His huge black cock had to be 11 inches long and as thick as her wrist. His entire body was covered with tattoos that had been covered by his clothing.

Tattoos that all resembled Debra barone erotic stories another, mostly in a style that represented a pretty nasty gang that was terrorizing the town.

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Jacko grabbed Deborah and spun her around. He slammed her into the wall and ripped open her pajama top, then ripped off her bottoms.

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Deborah sobbed as she realized that Jacko's huge black violator was going to rip open her tight little cunt and probably her virgin asshole as well. She knew that there was no hope of escape, that her fantasy was going to happen for real and began to cry harder. He ripped them off and pushed Deborah face first into the wall again.

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He stood up close behind her, his huge dick slowly sawing through the crack of her fabulous little buns. Her Debra barone erotic stories were lower now as he started to squeeze her ass and fondle her big tits. He turned her around and pushed her down to her knees. The innocent young housewife stared at the organ. She decided not to do it when she saw Jacko's raised hand in front of her face. She reached out her hand and wrapped it around the thick black pole.

Her small white fingers began to pump as thick spunk began oozing from the slit. It was a sight to see, thought Jacko, this white beauty afraid and gingerly handling his manhood, cringing at the slimy goo that flowed to soil her delicate hands.

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He watched as Deborah tentatively began to lick at the juicy pole. Finally, Jacko wrapped his fingers in Deborah's hair, forcing his plum size cockhead into her tight mouth.

It took awhile before she could get accustomed to Debra barone erotic stories a huge piece of black meat. Slowly, Jacko began to fuck into the now sucking mouth. Deborah felt ashamed for the dirty deed she was performing, even though she knew that she was being forced to give the huge black man head to protect her sleeping children.

He looked down at the pretty housewife sucking his dick and reached down for her Debra barone erotic stories jiggling boobs.

He palmed them, feeling the nipples on his palm, as Deborah sucked on his thick black cock. He was smiling in satisfaction, when a loud thumping sound filled the room and Jacko fell to his knees.

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Deborah let out a gasp as his huge dick popped out of her mouth and she watched him fall face first onto the floor. Robert Barone had awoken to the sounds coming from the kitchen and Debra barone erotic stories instinctively that something was wrong.

He quietly made his way to the kitchen and was shocked to see Deborah on her knees being forced to suck off a big black guy. He spotted the pan on the counter and quietly picked it up and moved in behind the distracted intruder. He swung the pan in controlled rage at the man who was forcing his beautiful sister in law to suck his big black cock. The man never knew what hit him and went down for the count. Robert called then bent down to comfort Deborah, who was obviously in shock.

Robert couldn't help himself from coping a feel when he had to push her breasts back into her torn top. He always had a schoolboy crush on Deborah, she was like every Debra barone erotic stories that he wanted but was too shy to approach.

She was his perfect woman and the fact that she was married to his whiney brother only made it worse for him. He scooped her up into his arms and paused in the darkness of the kitchen to look down at the unconscious rapist as he slowly ran his hand up the back of her leg to cup her ass; feeling it's firmness as he held onto her.

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His other hand moved to fondle her full breast as he stood there lost in the moment. He squeezed her firm buns and slid his fingers into the crack of her ass to probe at her tightly puckered anus. She let out a soft moan and buried her head against his chest as he moved downward and parted her cunt lips to slide two fingers into her surprisingly warm squishy pussy.

He slid his slick fingers out of her juicy crack and licked them as he went to the front of the house, where he saw Debra barone erotic stories black and whites pulling to a stop through the window. He carefully put Deborah down on the couch and called the officer's in. Robert explained who he was and what had happened.

The officer's Debra barone erotic stories into the kitchen and found the unconscious intruder lying in a heap on the floor. They carried him out to one of the cars after he'd come around and found himself in handcuffs.

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