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Milfsitter fist fuck stories

Adult sex Galleries Milfsitter fist fuck stories.

The one thing Alice wanted above all else was to finally be fisted.

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We had talked about it for weeks, months even. In fact since we met on line about 6 months ago. The first few weeks we just got to know each other by email and on the phone. Our second meeting was our first weekend together. It was incredible - we barley left the bedroom. I fucked Alice in every hole three, maybe four times and she took it all and came back for more. Her desire was unmatched by any lady I had every met and it was only exceeded by her enthusiasm.

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Tomorrow, yes tomorrow was going to be different. Ben seemed different from all the other guys I talked to. Confident, cheeky and very knowledgeable when it came to conversations about sex. We had met on line and started to get to Milfsitter fist fuck stories each other quite well.

Saturday was my birthday and the only present I wanted was to have a persons fist inside my pussy. I have had dildos black, pink, white, double-enders and massive fat ones.

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I have taken the biggest, fattest cocks I could find but still craved the one and only thing that I was yet to tick off the list. Some just are too bull at the gates or should I say flaps. Others get started and then back out worried they might break me or split me Milfsitter fist fuck stories something.

Either way my soul still burned for it and Ben promised me it for my Birthday. I fully intended to enjoy my present. It was three minutes from the beach, which suited her long blonde hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. She was fit and her body was taut.

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She surfed and practiced Yoga regularly and her physique showed it. I also needed her nice and relaxed for later as I was going to give her, the present she wanted. She wrapped her arms around me and closed the door behind Milfsitter fist fuck stories as we walked into the kitchen. It was three in the afternoon and Alice had already taken the top off a bottle of champagne and was three quarters through when I arrived. My pussy had been on fire all day every part of me just wanted it and wanted him.

Wanted to be filled. I had already fucked myself three times with my soft fleshy 9-inch fat boy. That was before I even opened my eyes. I had it by the bed after fucking myself with it last night so I just used it again this morning. I got up and went out and did my walk on the beach then headed to the little grassy spot where I sit and watch the waves roll in and meditate. Then Milfsitter fist fuck stories did my yoga session before walking back home again.

But today I struggled to concentrate. Milfsitter fist fuck stories pussy kept interrupting. It wanted more so I stretched my limbs and went home and took out the fattest dildo I have. I lay with my legs spread wide and played with my clit until I came. So I went back upstairs and got my black long double-ended dildo and had some fun. The lube next to my bed made it easy for it to slide it into my pussy and my ass and I expertly used both ends to fuck both of my lower holes until I came.

First in my ass, then in my pussy, then an almighty explosion as I pumped both to climax. Still I yearned for more; I yearned for Ben and his fist. I could see that Alice was horny Milfsitter fist fuck stories needed a fucking. I took my hands out of my jacket pocket and extended them to her.

On each wrist was a ribbon. And two of them! Then she pulled the other, again letting the ribbon fall away. Ben pulled his hands out of his pockets both of them had a ribbon wrapped around each wrist, the ribbon was blue on one hand and a deep crimson on the other the ends frayed and the bows perfectly shaped. My pussy had a sudden rush of pleasure and I felt the juice start to run down my leg.

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Milfsitter fist fuck stories poured Ben a drink and filled up my glass once again. I was ready at easy and truly wanton. I sat looking at ben him telling me about his day but in truth all I could think about was him throwing me down and fucking me senseless like he did the last time we met. I held his hand in mine imagining it going inside me I wanted nothing else. I want my present and I want it now. Please give it to me, please fist my wanton hole. He could see the juice marks on my legs and new I was ready for him as I spread my legs wide for him to see.

So her was here for twenty minutes before I gave in to my desires. Alice was on fire. She stood in the kitchen lifting her skirt high and Milfsitter fist fuck stories me her beautiful, shaved bare pussy. To earn it in a way I guess.

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They were now covered in my juice. His mouth was warm and soft and he sucked long and hard on both fingers at first then one and the other. As he did I felt two of his fingers disappear inside me. Within a few strokes I was cumming, my legs spreading wider as he continued to suck my fingers clean and finger-fuck my hole. I sucked and licked her fingers then reached down and slid two then three fingers inside her and rubbed Milfsitter fist fuck stories g-spot making her cum providing me with extra play juice for what was about to unfold.

Although her place was light and airy, her room was dark. The windows were covered in a thick purple curtain which stopped all the light from shining its warming glow on us.

Candles were ablaze all around the room giving it a soft light haze. The sent of sex Milfsitter fist fuck stories candle filled the air. The roomed smelled of my two-favorite things sex and sandalwood candle wax.

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It made me feel at ease, at peace, at one with myself. I lifted my shirt over my head and slid my skirt down over my ass and let it fall to the floor. I started to reach down to take off the short socks with frills at the top, but Ben told me to leave them on. Alice was more then ready and I asked her to take her clothes off to make sure Milfsitter fist fuck stories knew she was in the moment.

As in life many moments rush by without us even knowing we had them. Can I please call you Sir - it just seems right? Your safe word is white rabbit and you are choosing to let me slide my whole fist inside your delicious sweet hole. My hand and fingers were running over her mound, as my mouth found hers and we kissed, not for the first time and defiantly not for the last.

We locked lips again as one of my fingers traced the outer walls of her pleasure pit. Ben, now Sir as I wanted him to be, was kissing me. My heart was racing as I felt his fingers Milfsitter fist fuck stories the outline of my joy. Sir continued to kiss me, then make his way to my hardened nipples which were standing straining Milfsitter fist fuck stories begging to be touched. His voice was calm and reassuring keeping me relaxed as he explored me.

His words were now controlling my body and I came as soon as he demanded it. I juiced up everywhere as the orgasm I was having swept through my body blocking out every other sense except pleasure.

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All I knew was Sir was fingering me, working three maybe four fingers inside my eagerly spreading pussy and I was happier then I had ever been in my Milfsitter fist fuck stories. Alice lay back, her legs spread wide apart and my three fingers worked her pussy rubbing one side of her walls then the other, moving so my fingers could rub the base of her tunnel and stretch it just a little more and more each time. My thumb worked her clit, which ensured a constant source of juicy lube.

I worked my now four fingers straight with just a bit of curve on each.

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I worked them in and out of her and she opened wider and wider at my will. You have had four fingers inside you before. Are you ready to go all the way? Tell me Alice are you ready to be fisted? The words sent a pleasure bust through her. I continued to pump her.