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Stream It Or Skip It: And It's Not Even Close. A Movie Finale Hurt by Circumstance. Who Shot The Sheriff? A Tale of Two Zombies.

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The Consequences of Doubt: This weekend sees the release of Trainwreckthe newest Judd Apatow romantic comedy starring and written by Amy Schumer. Child stars are notorious for their inability to cope with the pressures of the film industry — and the fame that comes along with it.

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Sober sinceRadcliffe admitted that he put a lot of pressure on himself to be a great actor, and blew off steam with copious amounts of whiskey. Part 1 and Part 2 ].

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To get into character, Sheen got very, very drunk, and then Coppola took advantage of his vulnerable state. Oswalt told AV Club that Snipes only shot his close-ups, and the rest of his scenes were filmed with his stand-in. You have to find a way to make it fun.

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The director himself battled a drinking problem, often passing out during shoots. Her marriage to playwright Arthur Miller who wrote the film was crumbling, and she her drug addiction was worsening.

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First, there was his arrest at a Chicago Walgreenswhere he refused to leave quietly. Then there was that car crashin which he flipped his truck while driving in Los Angeles; having refused a breathalyzer, LaBeouf was arrested and charged with drunk driving and later had his license suspended for a year. Revenge of the Fallen ]. Was he on drugs? Probably neither — he was just bored.

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But it was all captured on film, for better or for worse. Downey admitted that playing the character during work hours made his extra-curricular activities blend into his day job: Then things changed, and, in some ways, I became an exaggeration of the character.

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That lasted far longer than it needed to last. She showed up to work drunk and was fired early in the production, and producers replaced her with Susan Hayward.