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What counts as sexting

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A place to ask simple legal questions. Advice here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered final or official advice.

Unless you received naked pictures,...

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Contact the subreddit What counts as sexting with questions, comments or concerns. Computer and Internet What counts as sexting? Okay, I'm 20 and a female now and from summer fall I was active on Tumblr and in the roleplaying community if you don't know it's like collaborative fanfiction.

All ages were represented so I ended up befriending some girls who were a few years younger than me.

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We would talk on Skype and one added me on FB. Because we were roleplaying we had characters who were in relationships.

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We never wrote sex scenes-- maybe we would write the characters making out but as soon as there was any mention of someone like, taking a shirt off or "going upstairs" then we would "fade to black" because we knew writing smut could count as sexting. Talking out of character, we would sometimes talk about sex in a non-explicit and non-personal way-- like we would make What counts as sexting like "that's what she said" or say "oh they totally banged" or laugh about weird fanfiction together.

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The worst things we might have said in or out of What counts as sexting were still very much PG I never had a romantic or sexual relationship with them, and I did my best to never say anything explicit or inappropriate. I can't remember anything specific I said but I do remember on the rare occasion someone brought up something that I felt pushed the limits I changed the subject. My question is, does any of that qualify as sexting or solicitation of a minor or anything like that?

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If it does is it likely I will be charged? I haven't spoken to any of them in months, don't have their phone numbers, anything like that. The only one I even exchanged personal info with was the one who added me on FB; she was 16 and from the UK so she was a legal adult.

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Unless you received naked pictures, or arranged to meet up with a minor for sex, you're fine. So it's not illegal to talk about sex in non-explicit terms?

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