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House Moving Tips Last modified on Turning the nightmare of moving house into a dream M oving house is said to be one of the most stressful things A man and his van will ever do in your life. There are so many things to organise, consider and prepare for that it can be a logistical nightmare for a lot of people. Others are such a dab hand at moving that they take it in their stride.

That comes down to experience, so for the first time mover the A man and his van process can drive you demented! So many things need to come together on moving day that if one thing is overlooked it can turn what should be a smooth running machine into a runaway train.

What I would like to do is give you a few tips on how to make your whole moving experience as stress free as possible. In all, I have lived in a total of 29 different properties! Is that enough moving experience for you?

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But no matter what the move or how complex it was, one comment always got repeated — how I made the move so easy and stress free no matter what obstacle was put in the way. So, here are a few guidelines which hopefully you can use to make you own move a little easier. F irstly, split up your move into three parts: Why dump things after you move?

Secondly, you should look at a new home as a new A man and his van. De-cluttering is a great way of starting fresh. This can be done on a room-by-room basis.

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However, once you have your list I would recommend that you rearrange the items so as the largest items of furniture are first and work your way down as the pieces get smaller. This business is a fully licensed, fully registered and fully insured professional business without charging the sky high fees that the big movers charge. T he service can be tailored to suit your needs and your finances.

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We can offer you an hourly or half day rate which may suit you better. We can also quote for moving single items of furniture either on a special or on our more economical shared load service.

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Stand-up pianos are also no problem. We have all the tools necessary to carry out the move. W e can also supply a wide range of cardboard boxes, moving kits, bubble wrap, packing tape and packing material for your move at unbeatable prices.

You can either order by phone or through our on-line shop, www. Flat Pack Enquire Contact. An average 3 bed house for a family of 4 can have between 50 — 70 medium sized boxes. However some families may have cupboards jam-packed while others may be minimalistic.

Decide at this stage whether you wish the removals company to provide a full packing service or if you will pack yourself. There are pros and cons to both, but the main points you should be A man and his van of is that while a full packing service is considerably more expensive, you get a better level of insurance cover as boxes packed by owner P. If you are happy with your own packing skills, then the savings by doing it yourself are massive. You can also decide if you need packing boxes and packing material at this stage as a number of removals firms will also quote for the supply of these and can give you a special rate if you are also using their services.

Now that you have your A man and his van list, start contacting removals firms. I would recommend that you get at least 3 quotes and make sure that you ask plenty of questions about the firm as you are entrusting them with your most valuable and cherished items. At the very least you should ask about their insurance cover on your items. All reputable firms should have a basic insurance cover as standard.

Not only should you give the firm the list of furniture for moving, you should also give as much detail as possible about the move, e.

A good firm should be asking these questions anyway and if they are not, then be wary. If you are doing the packing yourself you should have this started a number of weeks in advance of your moving date. Start with the items that will definitely not A man and his van needed before the move, such as ornaments, seasonal clothes, garage or attic items, and allocate a space or room, preferably downstairs, to stack your packed boxes. When packing, use the right size box for the right items.

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A good rule of thumb is this: Wrap china, glassware, dishes and other breakables in bubble wrap or acid free tissue paper. Some people use newspaper, but just be aware that the ink can sometimes come off and stain some china and glassware. When putting fragile items into boxes, a good idea it to use towels, tea towels, pillows and bedding to fill out the box and avoid breakages.

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Leave closing the last few bags and boxes for the morning of moving day for your bedclothes and your essential bathroom and kitchen items. It is best to empty all wardrobes, drawer units, etc. For the movers as these can be very heavy when full. At least a week before moving you should be contacting all your service providers to arrange moving your service to your new address.

Each one will have their own system for moving your A man and his van, some may just need to change your details on a computer while others may have to call to your home to disconnect or take meter readings. You may also need to organise tradesmen to come the night before or the morning of the move to disconnect washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, etc. While some movers will be more than happy to carry out small jobs, they may not be covered to disconnect plumbing or electrical items.

As well as that, some connections may require specialist tools which the movers may not carry. If you have hired the right moving company, moving day should be relatively stress free.

In the morning get up early, have a good breakfast, then pack away the remaining items before the movers come. Just leave out a few essentials such as A man and his van, tea bags, milk, sugar, cups, etc. When the movers arrive, show them around pointing out everything that has to go, emphasizing fragile or heavy items.

Once you have done this it is best to stay out of their way but be on hand in case they have any questions. Try to have this all worked out in your head beforehand as there is nothing worse for a mover than to be standing up holding a heavy piece of furniture while the customer decides where it would look best!

If all the boxes are marked then these will be quick and easy to unload. Wait until they have finished in a particular room and then you can make a start on that room.