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Made wife cry

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One of the best things about knowing people with vastly different personalities is that you get to learn about how other individuals see the world. When you expose yourself to people with different ways of understanding the world, you open Made wife cry up to new experiences.

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TechnicallyRon posted the hysterical list to Imgurwhere it was viewed more than 10, times. People who saw the Made wife cry thought it was absolutely adorable, and a lot of commenters had their own stories to share.

This is just like my girlfriend. She almost cried when she went to the zoo and a seal came up to the glass.

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People thought the reasons his wife cried were absolutely hilarious. My wife cries at absolutely anything.

Husband thinks his wife cries...

So I started writing down the reasons…. And oh boy, are they funny.

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Honestly, a lot of us can probably relate to some of these! And crying after her hubby made her dinner? Another woman even said that reading the list made her cry!

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My wife cries at absolutely...

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We Welcome Your Feedback. A HUBBY whose wife can't hide her sensitive side decided to write down all the things that make her cry – and the result is brilliant. Husband thinks his wife Made wife cry at anything, so he starts making a list of all the reasons, then List Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Have Made His Wife Cry.