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Jane Gilson Life, Together. The contents of this publication may not be reproduced in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. Copyright Christ Community Church. Our team Love can omaha so excited to bring you the third issue of The Hub Magazine, an original publication of the story of what God is doing in and through the ministry of Christ Community Love can omaha CCC.

As a church, we are entering into another exciting season of ministry. Some of the most anticipated events of the year are just around the corner: A Gathering for Women will be here before we known it!

But this fall is especially exciting.

In addition Love can omaha the new Church Residency program, our entire church is about to embark on an exciting new journey together. But more on that later Our prayer is that this next season is a season of growth for our church.

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We want to see the gospel reaching the least-reached places where all of the odds are stacked against us, both here in Omaha and across the world. We pray that you will experience growth in your relationships, your leadership, and your spiritual journeys.

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The information you share with us will help us shape the magazine in the future. Take the short survey online at cccomaha.

When a blind man came to him hoping for healing, Jesus spit on his eyes. Why would Jesus do a two-stage miracle?

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Certainly, He had the power to do it all the first time! Jesus was making a point.

Healing, discipleship, and surrender happen in stages. This two-stage miracle Love can omaha an analogy for how the disciples began to see Jesus more clearly, have new levels of insight, and experience new levels of trust in Jesus. It is the same for us. Belief in Jesus is an incredible first step into His Kingdom, but it is just the first layer of a multi-stage miracle God wants to do in your soul.

In time, we discover new truths about God from His Word. We recognize new areas with which we need to trust God, such as our kids, our jobs, our retirement, our finances. God invites us to surrender and simplify our lives by Love can omaha Him to take more control over larger areas.

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This fall, we are going to go Beyond Belief. We will look carefully. We will drive toward new levels of surrender in control, decisions, money, and relationships. You would reach more lost people, love more freely, live with abandon, and release powerful ministry in the lives of everyone you meet.

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If you were that person, God would do something beyond belief in your life. Beyond Belief is exactly where Jesus wants to take you. Beyond Belief is also where He wants to take our church.

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