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I have a big purple lolli. It will be your all day sucker! The army shall right and the assmufffins will feel the pain. You are mistakenly thinking that this is 4chan.

Your argument is invalid. Pedo Bear finally got Smooth Vagina Day made a holiday.

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If she were black, I'd slap my big hard sausage between her lil thighs! Oh sorry sir, I did not realise you were Muslim.

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This is a penis. You put it in your mouth Cheesetrap: A retarded and illogical date format. Randy Van Buren- 1 facebook result, no profile image, account set to "private" Bubble, putting the lower number before the higher looks more natural Mingebag 1: It's the date you idiotic skank.

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Take your clothes off!!!! She doesn't loo a day over 10 Chris Hansen: Have you been posting comments on you tube? Pfff, she's too old by now for my taste.

It's a place where you show us your tits dear! This is the place where you show tits or gtfo sillywilly Are there any more of her? I would worry about all the people NOT posting a comment She's 18 if she's a day f A piece of paper Anonymous: Troll harder next time 4 chan sexy beautiful women Pedobear is waiting Anonymous: Go ahead and take a seat, no have a seat right there.

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Hi, i'm a munster Time stamp says OPis a faggot and so are all of you. This is my cock This is Mankind Sucks making a invalid comment, as he is a virgin Kil0: My dick tearing your ass! I'd lick her, twice.

When the pedophiles go to prison we read your court papers when you come through quarantine and then your turned into a punk and put to work Analnonymus: Is the 23rd month Handeggary?

Please put an apostrophe between your I and m. Then please let me put my head between your thighs.

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No way she's She told me she was 18! I'd lick her pussy and asshole while she sucked my cock. She was tight and hot! I'd love to bone her till she turns 13! I would lick her pussy from behind.

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Would have banged her 8 years ago Anonymous: And you're about 21 nao, so come over 4 chan sexy beautiful women and I'll introduce you to my fuck stave! FYI, do the math, she's legal now The trouble with Euro-trash is that they breed at all Daddy took the pic We need more daddies like this Blazin like BlazinWeed: A B C D learn lesson Leashedhate: Welcome to your fucked up life.

This is cancer Bobby Anonymous: Oh ShIT Weed: Why must they all be gingers?! Nice swimsuit Anonymous: Rib stickin' finger lickin' chicken Anonymous: Chair and other things appear to have once been my belongings. I'm wondering who the fuck the girl is that sitting on my shit.

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Somethings wrong with that photo; body too old for face I think Anonymous: Can't say I didn't find this pic intriguing ;- Anonymous: I havent seen any kid in a long time asking so hard for sex Anonymous: Like them younger and naked! I'd teach her all about the computer while she sits on knee! Nice round ass really a turn on! Love to be sitting behind her!! That sexy ass just begging to be raped!

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