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Shaved women collaborators

Adult Videos Shaved women collaborators.

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Shaved Women Lyrics: Shaved women...

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Shaved Women is found on the album Best Before Christ the Album Stations of the Crass. Crass — Shaved Women.

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Shaved women collaborators Shaved women are they traitors? Shaved Women song meanings.

Add your thoughts 8 Comments. General Comment After the war, women in France who had slept with the nazis were humiliated in public by having their hair shaved.

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I think crass are implying that women who shave their legs, armpits, are collaborators with the enemy in the same way as the collaborators in vichy france. Trains are the trains to the death camps, the fate that symbolically awaits us if women continue to compromise their identity by conforming to whatever standards of femininity that male society demands Shaved women collaborators them.

No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. General Comment I think the line "in all our decadence people die" is pointing out that we use our time and money to look more sexually appealing for instance, by shaving our legs and armpits when there are other people who are starving in the street.

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With Shaved women collaborators conditions the way they are in third world countries, people's deaths could even be the direct result of our decadence if we buy cosmetics from companies who have outsourced labor and not bothered to not treat their employees like shit. General Comment i'm not entirely sure what it means, all i know it that its creepy as fuck, and gets some kind of point across.

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