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Real or fake breasts

Naked Girls 18+ Real or fake breasts.

By NewBeauty Editors January 03, The question then gets re-asked when said celebrity shows up six months later to a movie premier with their perfect breasts now perfectly larger. It's hard to tell these days—with fashion tape, push-up bras and Photoshop—who has real breasts and who has implants.

Even if implants are the case, with breast augmentation down to a science, most enlargements can look and feel as natural as real breasts. And with more women choosing conservative, more natural looking implants, it becomes even harder to tell.

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Click through this gallery of celebrities, like Lindsay Lohanrumored to have had breast augmentations and see if you think they have had anything done. Also, if you are considering breast implants, get tips on how you can achieve a natural-looking chest. Courtney Cox was rumored to have had augmentation after splitting from her ex-husband David Arquette.

Her breasts certainly look like they have added volume while the rest of her body looks the same. For natural-looking breast augmentation, that's what you want: Jaime Pressly "looks like she is better endowed now," says Dr.


For those that might want to chalk the new fullness up to motherhood, Dr. Stevens says that added Real or fake breasts like this is unlikely from pregnancy. Reality star Audrina Patridge has denied rumors of breast augmentation, saying that her changing shape is due to a bone condition in her chest, but it looks pretty obvious that she has had a major increase in breast volume over the past couple of years.

At the age of 42, Catherine Zeta-Jones has perfectly round, uplifted breasts which look very natural.

Whether they are fake or not, is tough to determine. The breasts certainly look soft and not hard, the way a bad augmentation would look.

The goal with implants is to have them look soft like Catherine's.