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Found out wife cheated

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I have recently learned that my wife committed adultery and I am having trouble figuring out how to proceed. I have been married for 15 years she is 40 and I am 35 years oldand we have four beautiful children that we love very much. Three years ago my wife had a sort of existential crisis. She started questioning whether it makes sense to be in a couple for a full life time nowadays. She also wondered whether monogamy actually worked. Suffice to say that Found out wife cheated a less than Stoic way I told her that if she had these Found out wife cheated concerning marriage she should go consult a psychologist.

I still regret not suggesting couple therapy, but since I was happy on my end I jumped to the conclusion that she must get help to figure out what she required to be happy. It came to a point where she wanted no more physical affection on my part and she started getting back in touch with an old boyfriend.

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This greatly perturbed me because she used to be happy to stay home with me and the kids. Eventually, after seeing a psychologist a handful of times, she came back to me and told me all was resolved and that she had just been lost and that we could resume our marriage as it was before. She also told me she wanted another child we had three at that moment. After a bit of back and forth I eventually relented, which I do not regret since I love my children very much. While she was pregnant things started Found out wife cheated badly again.

A few months after giving birth to our daughter she started hanging out with her ex-boyfriend again. I started snooping on her, of which I am not proud, but I wanted some answers which I felt she was not giving me. After having found messages I found inappropriate to her ex-boyfriend I confronted her only for the tables to be turned on me and being told it was not okay to look into her things, that I should trust her, and that I was horrible for having looked Found out wife cheated her private conversations.

She then proceeded to lock me out of her phone and emails.

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During that phase I tried very hard to be a better husband, but she was getting increasingly hostile towards me. This continued until I found out that she had been unfaithful through my brother, who was told by a third party that spoke to my wife this was very recently. When I brought this information to my wife she started by Found out wife cheated everything and telling me I should trust her.

The next day, however, she came to me and confessed that she kissed him but nothing more. After great reflection I understand how she may have tired of me, I have no ambition outside of my children and living a simple life. On my end I tried to make her happy by ensuring her ambitions were met, like having four kids, getting married, and buying a house, but then once that was all done suddenly she was not happy anymore. Now I am stuck not being able to answer questions like: Should I give her another chance and trust her again?

What do you think a Stoic would do? Reading your letter which was longer and more detailed in the originalit seems to me that three themes clearly emerge, and I suggest you focus your attention on Found out wife cheated They ought to be your priority, regardless of any other consideration. And that in turn will require you to exercise the virtues of justice toward them and courage to possibly make difficult or unpleasant decisions in order to prioritize Found out wife cheated welfare.

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Found out wife cheated Second, your wife seems to be going through a midlife crisis. This is pretty normal, and so is her behavior, as distressing as it may be from your perspective. All these things happen to them by reason of their ignorance of what is good and evil. Your wife, according to your description, has been ungrateful, arrogant, and deceitful.

Moreover, as Marcus says immediately after, Found out wife cheated should not allow yourself to be negatively affected — as difficult as it may be — precisely because you are trying to develop Stoic compassion for the failures of others, beginning with the people closest to you.

All of the above said, I actually think your initial suggestion for your wife to see a therapist was on the mark. Which leads me to the third theme: Perhaps she does not deserve your trust, but your own account of things makes it clear that you have issues in that department.

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She is right that snooping around her things is not acceptable, regardless of your suspicions. Trust within a couple is based on a feedback loop: If you love this woman, and if you really want to try to improve things, you need to break the cycle.

As Seneca put it with regard to friendship, and as it applies just as much indeed, even more within a relationship:. On True and False Found out wife cheated, 2.

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Indeed, my first marriage ended because my wife betrayed me with my alleged best friend at the time. But not all betrayals are created equal, and neither are all couple dynamics.

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