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Dating someone who earns less than you

Pics Gallery Dating someone who earns less than you.
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In her new book, Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Loveeconomics professor Marina Adshade applies the principles of supply and demand to the world of sex and love. We asked Marina to weigh in on the issue of disparate incomes and educations, marriage as a way to get more stuff, whether female breadwinners are the way of the future and if any of those things matter for happiness.

Do most heterosexual women still prefer to marry a partner who makes more money? A matchmaking friend of mine tells me that the women she sees not only prefer a partner who makes more money, but one who makes significantly more.

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This preference is unfortunate in an era in which women are so much better educated than men are, since it leaves smart, higher income women searching and searching for that ever-illusive high-income man.

This belief that we, as women, should marry good earners originated in an era in which men provided for women who stayed home and cared for their families.

Today, many women who are able to earn a good income might actually be better off if they married a partner who is less focused on his career; there is something to be said for having a partner whose job is flexible enough that they can do their share of work at home.

When the man has a higher income does it typically mean a more successful relationship?

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