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Night for speed

Pron Videos Night for speed.
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Need for Speed is the latest installment in this amazing underground racing game saga. It will come to PC in but since has been released on Xbox One and PS4, we thought we would let you know what we thought. Of course, if something goes horribly wrong with the port, this review will change.

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Like previous installments and the Burnout Paradise saga - which shares many creative talents - NFS is an open-world racing game. It tells the story of a petrolhead wannabe, who enters the world of illegal underground racing.

What this means in practice is a game where characters set you a variety of driving missionsin exchange for experience points and money to invest in new Night for speed.

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Night for speed missions range from classic races, to time trials, and even specific driving challenges — like doing doughnuts all over the city. Basically, nothing new to anyone who has played a racing game in the last five years. Besides the core Story Mode, Need for Speed offers multiple other ways to enjoy yourself online with friends. Oh, and on the subject of online, even when playing single player NFS forces you to stay connected to the Internet — which is becoming an annoying standard for EA games.

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