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Hitlers path of domination

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. How was Hitler able to dominate Germany by How was Hitler able to dominate Germany by ? Hitlers path of domination Germany was in a very poor social and economic condition. The Nazi party had grown to become the dominant party in the Reichstag, headed by the new chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler. On the second of August president von Hindenburg died. Hitler saw the opportunity to grab power and issued a decree combining the offices of Chancellor and President, and declared himself Fuhrer with negligible opposition.

Hitler had come to a position to dominate Germany. When considering this question, it is clear that there are multiple factors, key events, particular individuals and series of developments that enabled Hitler to take control of Germany by This essay will analyse and debate the effect of the multifarious aspects involved in this question. When Hitler was a young man, he lived in Austria, in Vienna, where in he was rejected by the Academy of Art. At first Hitler avoided military service and tried to survive as an independent artist in Austria, but in shortly after the outbreak of the 1 World War he volunteered for the army where he st served as a messenger.

It could be perceived that the experiences Hitler Hitlers path of domination during his service were a catalyst towards his development of his nationalistic ideas.

During the 1 World War Hitler's ideas of fanatical nationalism began to st develop. Furthermore, he shows himself as a brave individual and is even decorated for service with the Iron Cross, one of the highest honors of the 1st World War in Germany.

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In Hitler was blinded by gas and was sent to a recovery centre, where he was shocked by what had happened to German soldiers. In Hitler improved his oratory skills by making speeches in the army very quickly gaining authority among the soldiersspying for the government and progressively becoming more involved in politics.

In the same year Hitler joined the extreme right wing and anti-Semitic German Worker's Party, and thus the ascension of Hitler to the main political arena had begun. Analysing Hitler's path to power, such as his experience in the army, it is clear that there were certain events in his life that led him towards politics and can be viewed as elements of Hitlers path of domination that enabled him to dominate.

To answer this question it is important to consider three types of impact and influence that can be argued were instrumental in enabling Hitler to dominate Germany. To assess the various aspects discussed in this paper, it would seem logical to begin with the global or Hitlers path of domination impacts and then to move closer and deeper into the internal and more specific aspects. It Hitlers path of domination absolutely necessary to discuss the Versailles treaty and its effects, signed by Germany in It based its judgements on three premises: Accepting none of these the Germans believed that the settlement was unjust.

This statement clearly demonstrates one of the key historical, external factors that had a significant influence on Hitler's rise to power. The German nation was deeply injured by the Versailles Treaty; Hitler capitalised on the damage inflicted on the country and people by promising to return Germany to a former glory and reignite national pride.

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Though it is possible to argue that Hitler simply manipulated the situation and people for his own benefit, evidence can be found, such as the above quote, that Hitler felt a genuine responsibility for the German people, and his rise to power was affected by a deep passion. The effect on the German economy was disastrous and led to hyperinflation and unemployment.

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The result of hyperinflation was the absolute collapse of the German financial system. In simple terms the system regressed to a barter system.

In short; money became worthless.