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How do i hook up my ooma

Naked Gallery How do i hook up my ooma.

I have updated this Ooma review for and have now been using the Ooma for almost 9 years. My thought was if I could find a cheap land line or VOIP to make calls from home, I could lower my cell phone bill significantly by switching to a lower minute prepaid plan. The Ooma was essential in that transition, so I wanted to give a comprehensive review for you to determine if the Ooma might make sense for you.

It allows you to make free domestic calls, low priced international calls, and use a variety of other features. It How do i hook up my ooma from other VOIP services in that you pay for the hardware and have very limited or zero monthly fees vs. It works without having your computer turned on. You can upgrade your features for a monthly fee to Ooma Premier. Upgraded features include conferencing, forwarding, call blocking, and one free number porting.

At first, I connected my...

I have not had to call Ooma customer service for anything. The setup is easy, the hardware has worked beautifully, and the acoustics are incredibly clear.

There How do i hook up my ooma one time over the last year that service was down for an hour or so and Ooma was very respondent and transparent about what caused the problem and how they were going to fix it.

I have zero complaints. That speaks for itself. As an update, Ooma occasionally offers referral coupons to existing customers that I get now and then. Check out my money saving products page to see if I have any current referral coupon codes for Ooma. If you make calls internationally, you really have an opportunity to save money over cellular and land line phone service.

The Ooma Telo is the latest Ooma model. The Telo has bluetooth, USB, and cellular integration and a few other hardware advancements. You How do i hook up my ooma also buy the compatible Ooma Telo handset. Once you pay for the Ooma Telo unit, all calls are still free of charge. However, there is a nominal service charge per month now that covers regulatory compliance, service fees, and a federal universal service charge taxes.

Through a Ooma tax calculator on their site you can calculate what your fee is. Still cheap as heck and better than any alternative out there. Anyone who has a modem and high-speed internet connection can do it. The basic setup looks like this:. They really have made a great product that I have recommended to a number of people and would recommend to anyone looking to cut their phone bill. Check out the Ooma at Amazon for more.

Thanks for the review of Ooma! I did something similar, but with Vonage. I wanted something that was free to call anywhere in North America, which would allow me to continue using a prepaid cell phone. I guess Ooma is something to consider when my year with Vonage is up.

Okay, I had some similar goals as far as the financial independence, also freedom from Big, corporate Verizon with their signature bad customer service.

I think that my internet provider which you need for OOma charges less or around the same for better results. Wow, what a racket! I find that hard to believe, and now I find it even harder to believe now that someone else has the same problem. Supposedly until by unit breaks down.

I use the very inexpensive foreign calling some also—works great. Now they are wanting me to change my telo voip landline to a newer version. To LyndaB, Thanks for your comment.

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Did you buy the Telo? If so, how are things going? I got that email too.

Install your Ooma Linx device...

If, for some reason, I do run in to problems, I am confident that the company would make things right. Weak up nothing in life is free nothing…. Will voice messages go into How do i hook up my ooma phone, or be shortstopped by the telo, or go into both? Will I be able to dial out using the stored contacts on my home phone, and if so, do the local numbers need to have the area codes added?

I have a home phone system with 9 total handsets 8 satelites. Will I be able to call out and receive calles to them like I do now? Is there a downside to having the internet signal wired from the router and not be between the modem and the router? Do I have to adjust the router configuration if I wire it this way?

Thank you in advance. All your home phone systems should work fine with the Ooma. You can set the Ooma voice mail to answer in up to 59 seconds, so your own phone system will pick up first. Still cheaper than a landline.

Thanks for your review. Do you currently use your original Ooma or later Ooma Telo version? But now, Ooma wrote re current Ooma Telo offer ending so am contemplating buying the Telo but fearful voice quality and future billing may become a problem. Do you have any awareness of such issues becoming an issue for original Ooma users if they did switch to Telo?

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Hello and thank you very much for your research. I had it years ago and it was impossible to cancel. The only was was to cancel my credit card so they could no longer bill me for services. Hopefully, they have become a better company since then. I have had Vonage for 5 years after a nightmare to cancel my landline phone company. If after 5 years, is it easier to cancel Vonage?

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I am past the How do i hook up my ooma one year contract. Good Luck trying to port the number. We tried porting and waited for 3 months — nothing happened- Lame excuses and throwing blame in all directions for their inablility. It took 2 weeks no problems at all. Customer support for porting is non-existent. You lose access to the old number, pay for ooma, but need to keep paying until the port is successful.

Not exactly what I call smooth. I had Vonage for years and recently ported number to Ooma in 6 days.

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