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From the Pamir Mountains to the Karakum Desert and everywhere in between, the thing that blew us away the most was getting lost along the historic Silk Road. But in terms of awe-inspiring history and phenomenal architecture, only one nation stands out — Uzbekistan.

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Sure, we could write a word article on why it was so mesmerising. Or we could just put together 40 of our favourite photos to convince you to go yourself.

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We went with the latter option. You can camp in yurts out in the middle of the Kyzylkum Desert. A golden statue with a globe on top, where the only country Uzbekistan women pictures is Uzbekistan. Each panel tells a story. Head into the Uzbekistan women pictures, make a fire and be serenaded with traditional Uzbek music from a local nomad.

Even the capital has incredible sights — This is the Kukeldash Mosque in Tashkent. This is crossing the Kamchik Pass in Eastern Uzbekistan.

The view down the Qurama Mountains in the Fergana Valley is, in a word, epic! This guy in Bukhara makes some of the sharpest scissors in the world, by hand! Walking through the Necropolis in Samarkand is like being transported back in time.

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The black market in Uzbekistan is crippling the local economy, but this makes it a surprisingly affordable place to travel as a tourist. You can get double the value for your US dollar then the official Uzbekistan women pictures rate by going to the streets.

This wad of cash? Kalta Minor in Khiva was destined to become the highest minaret in Central Asia, until the leader Muhammad-Amin-khan died in battle and construction was put on hold. Many carpets can have 2, 3 or even more people working on them at once and can take up to a year to make.

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Here we found a lady praying in one of the mosques in Bukhara. Uzbekistan is known for its amazing arts Uzbekistan women pictures crafts that have been developed on the Silk Road over the centuries. Here a man makes ceramics by hand outside of Bukhara. We wandered through Uzbekistan in partnership with Dragoman. All photos are our own. I hope you guys enjoyed your visit to Uzbekistan!

Those places are really popular by their historic views.

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These southern regions have both deserts, mountains which Uzbekistan women pictures the highest one in the country and very beautiful natural view in places like Sariasiya and Boysun.

Thank you so much for your tips. We would love to return one day so other places are amazing. We really loved travelling this country. I am touched by how gracefully beautiful your presentation of my country is — thank you, indeed!

The pictures are simply awesome! Even for a person like me, who is originally from Uzbekistan, your photographs, with kind of interactive and fun filled titles, are full of a Uzbekistan women pictures expression.

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It is amazing how powerful images can be, along with a well written text. Thank you for writing about us, as kind and easy to communicate peopleas well the yammy cuisine we offer our guests.

The most important feature is, we are still blessed with fruit and veggies, meat and poultry that are naturally grown and come from natural livestock. Next time try to visit Uzbekistan some time between the end of August and the end of October.

I am sure you had a taste of our dry fruit and nuts: These are delicacies that are served first before the main meal is served.

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Did you Uzbekistan women pictures that in Samarkand there is an oldest wine making plant, where a well known in our country beer, Samarkandskoe pivo is produce. The long warm season and the large amount of sun are favorable conditions for growing 37 varieties of grapes. The Republic of Uzbekistan is an exporter of excellent wines, some Uzbekistan women pictures which are produced at the Khovrenko factory in Samarkand former factory of D.

The factory features a wine-sampling room for sampling the wines produced at the factory. Local wines have original rough taste and aroma. Several brands of cognac are produced there too. We are secular, and very open to all people. Our population is multi-ethnic.

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