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Meeting girls in nyc

Porn tube Meeting girls in nyc.

I recently started a banking job in NYC and don't know anyone in the city.

I recently started a banking...

Where do you meet single girls? Where have you had success picking up chicks? I don't want to waste time in random bars. Actually not a bad question though. Where have you fellahs had the best luck out of curiosity?

I've had the most success Meeting girls in nyc bars in midtown after work, mostly on Wed and Thurs. After-work places are packed, especially during the summer, and its much easier to talk to girls than a weekend night.


Plus its mostly city chicks either out with co-workers or their girlfriends, they Meeting girls in nyc have their guard up as much. Hit up El Rio Grande on a Thursday evening during the summer, or any of the rooftop spots, and you'll know what I'm talking about. Of course, getting out of the office even at pm on a Thursday is hard for Meeting girls in nyc guys Not saying it's something you want to do every night, but it's nice to be big time once in a while: The astronaut line is a good one, I might try that.

I've been going for Ukrainian pilot recently, hasn't been overly successful but great fun nonetheless. Agreed with AnthonyD, though I will say that the whole "I work in finance" bit resonates differently in different parts of the city. That said, this city is chock full of attractive year old women with confidence issues, primarily from the intense competitionso like, go for the gold.

It seems like the "I'm a banker" line doesn't work too well with girls in the village. Where would I find girls that would be impressed and want to go down on me when I tell them that?

Central Park is one of...

Nah I meant going around saying "hey babe, what's your name? Wanna get with a banker? Cosign that astronaut idea I told this girl I was an astronaut and then we ended up going out and I never fessed up.

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The wedding is in two months now and she still doesnt realize I am un-employed Honestly, just be funny and have fun and you will get plenty of girls.

Shooting fish in a barrel.

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Find a very outgoing friend and go out with him. Whatever you do, do not roll with a shy crew. Walk up to a girl that's dancing and tell her "I wish Meeting girls in nyc were my teeth, so I could grind you all night". If you have game you can pick up a girl anywhere. If you don't, like me, you rely on friends-of-friend to introduce you to people. Imagine hearing a guy drop the astronaut line to some girl next to you at a bar. Jtree is where I dropped the astro line. True story, this really cute girl was obviously making moves on me and I started talked to her.

She was a jr producer at Fox News. Pretty cool I thought. Then I saw that she was missing an Meeting girls in nyc finger. Totally freaked me out.

Made me hesitate and she eventually walked away. Kinda sad, I have never dated someone missing a finger. I'm gonna have to steal that Astronaut line, Im kinda tired of telling chicks I masturbate race horses.

Guest, you're either in high school still, or definitely have some self esteem issues. I'll go with the former. Definitely the way to go, did them all last summer, plan on Meeting girls in nyc them when I start FT in a few weeks.