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Imobilazer dle skoda felicia

Naked Gallery Imobilazer dle skoda felicia.

You can bypass the immobiliser on the Felicia but you wont find any public guides on how to do this, as it will also help thieves also bypass the imobilser.

You can bypass the immobiliser...

If anyone would like to help here, then please PM the guide to the members in this thread, any guide posted in the thread will be deleted. If anyone is passing on the knowledge, a copy would be most appreciated It will most definately never see the highway again.

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Imobilazer dle skoda felicia, if such info does exist, I'd love a copy via PM. Last i heard it wasn't straightforward, to say the least! The MPI is more differcult but if you have one key that works just take the transponder out of it and tape it to the ignition barrel then you can use both keys.

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It's not welded in, you can get them out without too much grief, just be careful. I used araldite to fix my transponder bit in place.

If anyone has the guide they could pm me I'd be grateful. I have a Favorit with the immobiliser that has the seperate key, and the contacts on the immobiliser key are pretty worn. I'm looking to bypass or remove it as my immobiliser keys are worn and replacements are unavailable and reprogramming them is not possible due to their age.

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I know its a old thread, but could do with a bit of info on how to bypass feli's imob. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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How to Dissconect the immobiliser?

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