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Born onscreen inthe role was portrayed by several child actors, most notably Dylan Cash when the character was rapidly aged in Inthe character was aged again when Drew Garrett stepped into the role.

Garrett was replaced by Chad Duell after one year with the series. As the son of A.

Quartermaine and Carly Corinthosnephew of mob enforcer Jason Morganand adoptive son of mob boss Sonny Corinthoshe is born into chaos. The character's most significant storylines include his accidental shooting of Kate Howardhis own shooting and waking from a coma inthe murder of his stepmother Claudia Zacchara and being sent to prison where he was raped, and his grandmother Monica Quartermaine being upset over the loss of her grandson until A.

InMichael is reunited with his biological father which puts him back in the middle of the re-ignited battle between his parents. Most recently, the character has embraced his biological roots, and was involved in a romantic triangle with his brother, Morgan and love interest Kiki Jerome.

Michael spent the majority of his life trying to emulate his adoptive father, but has since matured into his own man. However, he has a habit of sacrificing himself for the good of others. Most recently, he has strayed away from that path. Born on-screen on December 29,the role was originated by child actors Blake and Dylan Hopkins. The twin actors were replaced by Tiarnan Cunningham inwho stayed with the series until On March Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life,Dylan Cash made his first appearance as Michael, aging the character and revising his birth year to After three years with the series, Cash signed a contract in April In Marchrumors began circulating that Cash's contract was about to expire and would not be renewed, [7] and by April several sources confirmed the fact.

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Garrett on the reason for the recast. In Marchafter months of speculation, it was confirmed by TV Guide that soap newcomer, Drew Garrett had been cast in the role and would make his debut on April 24, Garrett revealed that he first auditioned for the role of with Laura Wrightwho portrayed Michael's mother, Carly.

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After about three weeks of waiting, Garrett finally was asked to return for a session with the producers. At this time, Garrett was still unaware of the role he was auditioning for, knowing it only to be "Michael," and a week later his agent told him his follow up screen test was cancelled and that he was the new Michael Corinthos.

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Garrett's Michael is very rebellious, and edgy. Michael is not in any way thinking about his future. He is just worried about how he can get the most excitement out of the life he currently has. Michael refuses to take no for an answer which often gets him into trouble. According to Garrett, Michael does not believe he has any other options in life which is why he is determined to work for his father.

Michael stubbornly refuses to accept that working for Sonny is not an option. What makes matters worse is that Michael does not know why he gets Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life angry; the not knowing perpetuates the anger. Duell on what he brings to Michael. Chad Duell made his first appearance in the role of Michael on April 20, His performance was so well received that at the expiration of Garrett's contract, Duell was cast as Michael, and the other character was scrapped.

Duell later took to Twitter with a simple response to fans inquiry about him possibly being replaced, "I'm not. Duell described his character as being very multi-layered, having a lot of baggage, but also a great heart. He says that Michael loves his family, and wants to make his father proud, which in Duell's eyes, is what makes the character so interesting; "He's very complex. He's got so many things going on at once He's an awesome kid but he's had it very rough.

I want to show his heart more than his anger. There's always something behind everything. He has thick enough skin to get through a lot of things.

From November to Februarythen headwriter, Robert Guza temporarily vacated his post during the Writers Guild of America strike and was temporarily replaced by Garin Wolf.

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According to one poster, Michael would be left comatose in order to "spirit the character off the canvas and ignite the current true-loving Jason's bloodlust for the Zaccharas. It was Guza's belief that the most appropriate way to address fan disapproval of the lack of consequences for Michael's recent actions was to have Michael take a bullet himself.

According to Guza, the incident also forces—Sonny, Carly, Jason, and Jax—the adults in Michael's life to reevaluate their choices. Guza's dialogue for the Johnny Zacchara character expresses that all four are to blame, stating, "kill each other for power and money and turn around and lie and say that we have honor, that we protect family, that women and children are safe. It instead serves as a catalyst forcing those around Michael to make life-altering decisions.

With the announcement of Garrett's casting, many questioned how the character would return to the canvas. After a risky surgery to keep Michael from slipping into a persistent vegetative state, Michael wakes up. Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life Michael and his adoptive half-sister Kristina Davis Lexi Ainsworth have very little contact growing up, the writers considered developing a romance between the two.

Garrett believed that if either of them were to develop feelings, it would be Kristina, as Michael is too preoccupied with his recovery. The storyline also allows for further development of Michael's relationship with Jason, who also suffered from a brain injury when he was a little older than Michael. Jason becomes Michael's confidant. In the meantime, Michael's new stepmother, Claudia Zacchara Sarah Brownbegins fishing for information trying to figure out if Michael remembers her bedside confessions about her involvement in his shooting.

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Michael is believed to be responsible for the accident; to avoid facing what he believes he has done, Michael and Kristina run away to Mexico. Fortunately, Michael realizes that Jerry is holding them prisoner; Michael is very much like Sonny when it comes to recognizing a threat.

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Kristina doesn't want to believe Jerry is going Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life hurt them, but because the siblings were brought up differently, they see the situation differently. Michael and Kristina's attempt to live independently and start new lives in Mexico is cut short and they are forced back to Port Charles. However, the adventure leads to Michael's first kiss with a local girl, Marita.

By this time, Brown had started speaking out against the direction of her storyline, and her disapproving of Claudia intentionally trying to hurt Michael or Kristina.

The complaints were followed by the announcement of Brown's departure in September with her onscreen exit slated for October. An article from The Huffington Post called for just that.

According to a spokesperson for the series, her exit would be "buzz-worthy.

Spoilers also began surfacing with reports that Claudia would be killed off. But, because Michael is not exactly sure if his memories are accurate, he hesitates to come forward. Michael goes so far as to warn Johnny that Jason and Sonny will soon learn the truth, telling Johnny that he may be the only person who can save Claudia.

On October 30,Regan Cellura of Daytime Confidential posted a spoiler article confirming that Claudia was indeed going to die. On the night of Claudia's birthday party, Jason comes to Sonny with confirmation that Claudia hired the shooter that tried Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life kill him.

Most fans had previously assumed that Sonny would be the one to "eliminate" Claudia, but in a shocking twist, it is Michael who finally kills Claudia. After Sonny outs Claudia at the party, she takes a laboring Carly hostage at gunpoint. The women end up at an abandoned cabin in the woods where a crazed Claudia, still grieving over her own miscarriage, plans to take Carly's newborn daughter Josslyn for herself.

On the November 4, episode, as Claudia is about to run away with baby Josslyn, Michael comes upon Claudia's car and goes searching. He finds the cabin, and hearing his mother's screams, Michael grabs the first thing he sees — an axe handle — and swings it, bludgeoning Claudia to death.

After the murder, Michael makes a "startling" change in behavior by not showing any emotional reaction, believing Claudia deserved what Gh michael and kiki hookup in real life got, and justifying his actions to save his mother and sister.

However, Michael only feels guilty because he did not come forward about his flashbacks sooner and knows he could have prevented the situation. The reckless behavior is Michael's attempt to live up to the Corinthos reputation, even going so far as to sic Sonny's goons on Kristina's jerk boyfriend, Kiefer Bauer Christian Alexander.

Despite Sonny's disapproval, Michael is more than determined to join Sonny's organization. Michael constantly insinuates himself into Sonny's business, despite Carly and Jason's disapproval. Sonny disapproves too, but believes keeping Michael close will protect him. Weeks prior to his 18th birthday, Michael warns his parental figures that he will start making decisions for himself.

However, Dante does not believe Michael's claims of guilt until after a forensics exam confirms them. Dante tells Michael that if he comes forward, the judge will give him a lighter sentence.

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