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What happens after army boot camp

Naked Pictures What happens after army boot camp.
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The breakdown is as follows:. This is where your transformation for civilian life to the Army world begins—from bidding farewell to your civilian clothes, getting your Army haircut and getting ready to become physical fit.

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Once Reception Week completes, it's now time to get down to business, lots to learn in a short period of time, new rules, regulations and processes involved in being in the Army. Your new mentor is your Drill Sergeant, leaving the classroom for the field, it's time to test your physical and mental endurance.

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Possible things to learn this week are map reading and first aid. During week 3 you will have to rely on your team mate and dig deep inside yourself, it is time to start the physical and mental challenges of the simulated combat scenarios.

It is the standard issue weapon of the U.

No matter what branch of...

You will be taught everything there is to know about this weapon. Learning to shoot a rifle is more than pulling the trigger.

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Marksmanship courses will teach you not only the proper way to hold a weapon, but also how to breathe and shoot from many different positions. Hope you were paying attention in week 4 because you will use all that information this week to pass the Basic Rifle Marksmanship Qualification Course and the Fit to Win Obstacle Course. You will be challenged both mentally and physically.

Your platoon is only as strong as its weakest member, this week you will learn to count on your fellow trainees. Bonds are formed and confidence is gained as trust exercises are implemented.

Confidence in yourself and your platoon has been growing steadily over the past seven weeks. Hand grenade training; live fire exercises; foot marching; and overall physical fitness will all be tested in the Confidence Course.

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An additional week was inserted at Week 8 to provide more time for developing combat skills. The Army will be testing this extended training from Nov.

All the miles have been marched and the obstacle left behind. It's time to put everything you've learned up to this point to the real test: This is the true and final test of your skills and spirit — your chance to prove you have what it takes to be a U.

Your family and friends have made the journey to watch you graduate. All your hard work has led you to this day.

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This is the day you have been dreaming of, the day you become a U. The breakdown is as follows: This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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You May Also Like. Army's top official said Thursday that he wants to see sergeants making regular visits to the barracks on weekends.

It starts with basic combat...

Service Academy Football" is a weekly podcast during the college football season devoted strictly to coveri My Profile News Home Page. Related Articles About Enlisting.

Colonel in 'Dino Puppet' Video Speaks: Goal of 80, Recruits Won't Be Met, Army Secretary Says Although the Army will fall short of its recruitment goal, retention rates have increased from 81 to 86 percent. Draw a V for Veterans Day. My Soldier was injured during basic training what happens next?

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Depending the on the extent. Can my Soldier go home with his family after graduation? Yes.