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An Asian supermarket is a category of grocery stores in Western countries that stocks items imported from the multiple countries in EastSouth and Asian korean grocery Asia. Supermarkets in Asia generally except for the Middle East have no equivalent to the "Asian" supermarkets of the West; foodstuffs in each respective Asian country have vastly different regulations and supply chains from one another, so stores are localized for each country's tastes and only carry locally approved items for that market.

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Asian korean grocery supermarkets carry items and ingredients generally well-suited for Asian cuisines and simply not found or considerably more expensive in most Western supermarkets due to low turnover and small quantities. An Asian market is a local food store that primarily caters to a Asian korean grocery particular Asian cultural group, but additionally caters to other immigrant groups who do not have easy access to foodstuffs from their country of origin.

These markets go farther than a typical market in that they sell quintessential general merchandise, goods, and services related to specific Asian countries of origin and immigrant communities.

They are prevalent in Asian enclaves in the United States and Canada. Sometimes, these markets are surrounded by an Asian-themed strip mall.

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The markets are generally ethnocentric and may be a mainly Chinese, Japanese or Filipino market; however, in many areas such supermarkets cater to a more diverse Asian population as a means of financial diversification.

It is this diversity that led to the establishment of Pan Asian goods in a one-stop shop with aisles selling foods in common and others dedicated to other groups such as Pakistani, Indian, Malaysian, Asian korean grocery, Thai, Taiwanese, Korean, and others.

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Some Asian Asian korean grocery in Australia and the United States also stock Pacific food items aimed at the Pacific Islander communities in those countries. Despite sourcing from many multiple nations, items stocked are very different depending on their target ethnic market.

For example, in Chinese and Vietnamese supermarkets it is common for dead animals to be hung on hooks for display; in Japanese supermarkets this would be completely taboo.

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Chinese supermarkets may carry Japanese products but the range of selection Asian korean grocery be very limited as compared to a Japanese supermarket. For example, for green tea, in a Japanese market, an entire aisle may be dedicated to it, stocking a wide variety and grades of regional loose-leaf teas, whereas the Chinese market may Asian korean grocery carry a few brands of Japanese tea bags and bottled teas. Japanese supermarkets also diversify and carry some Hawaiian and Korean products, likewise Korean supermarkets do carry some Japanese products.

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Filipino big-box supermarkets would have a large amount of Filipino specific products that may be hard to find in other Asian supermarkets.

Though most Asian supermarkets tend to be neighborhood oriented, small and independent and may carry similar or even identical names, many large Asian korean grocery of stores have floor area that is comparable to other American supermarket chain stores.

Asian korean grocery the largest of these chains is HMart, which has 61 locations. Due to concentration of immigrant communities in metropolitan areas, few Asian supermarket chain stores are located in non-metro areas.

In order to better compete and serve this market, a few of these chains have begun online sales, which compete directly with the likes of general online merchandisers such as Amazon. Major operators in Asia like Aeon and Jusco operate somewhat like Asian supermarkets, as they offer products not normally found in their home countries; as such they serve as a platform for foreign cuisines and foods.

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Asian korean grocery Most of these supermarkets are started and operated by Asian immigrant entrepreneurs and their families. Others are started by investors of existing corporate conglomerates already headquartered in Asia, namely Hong KongJapan, the PhilippinesSouth Koreaand Taiwan. Asian supermarkets can range from small mom-and-pop grocery stores to large big-box stores and may cater specifically to one ethnic Asian immigrant group or to a wide pan-Asian crowd.

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They serve the generally unserved or underserved immigrant and descendant population. They are usually the main attraction for food shopping within overseas Asian shopping malls and Chinatowns. Asian supermarkets may re-occupy older buildings formerly anchored by mainstream regional or national supermarket chains.

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Chinese shopping centers and supermarkets have Asian korean grocery constructed using traditional Chinese architectureand provide services catered toward immigrant customers. Examples include Asian restaurantsbeauty salonsbakeriesforeign film rental storestravel agenciesbook storesand other businesses.

In recent Asian korean grocery, some mainstream markets Asian korean grocery attempted to compete with Asian supermarkets for the minority customer base by stocking certain Asian goods as well as directing marketing towards various Asian ethnic immigrant populations.

Conversely, some Asian supermarkets attempt to appeal to the general population. Asian markets are reputed to have lower prices than the mainstream chains. Asian supermarkets represent a new trend in which Asian immigrants no longer settle in old enclaves such as Chinatown, San Francisco but in suburbs where shopping centers provide services as well as cultural amenities, such as hosting ethnic festivals, shows and dance.

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One of the major redevelopments highlighted in the press has been Buford Highway in the Atlanta suburb of Doraville, Georgiawhere Asian supermarkets have done brisk business in a once-blighted neighborhood. Such supermarkets have also revitalized the once-rundown sections of Bellaire Blvd in Houston, Texasand turned it into a thriving new Asian shopping district.

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