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Nude Photo Galleries Nudes website.

These "revenge porn" websites play host to thousands of requests from men asking for nude pictures of women from cities and suburbs across the country.

On one site that specifically targets Australian women, called AussieSluts, people Nudes website for "wins" naked pictures of women from certain areas, or even ask for pictures of specific women, adding their name and location to the website. From there, if any other users have pictures of Nudes website women requested they will either trade those images in exchange for money, other pictures or just give them out for free.

There are requests for pictures of women from Carins, Newcastle, Forster, Taree, Geelong, Blacktown, Perth and dozens of other places across Australia.

Research from RMIT University found that one in five Australian women have experienced Nudes website abuse at some point in their lives. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner is one of the Government agencies that are working to combat these types of websites and help the victims image-based abuse. Newbie Nudes (NN) is...

Each state has different laws in regards to image-based abuse, which makes it difficult to actually prosecute the people sharing these images, but Ms Inman Grant said they could soon be given more power to punish perpetrators. There are a number other organisations that are committed to helping people who have their images shared Nudes website their consent.

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Brendon McAlpine is an online content removalist for Internet Removals, and works with revenge porn victims to get their images removed from Nudes website websites. But, as many Nudes website these sites are often hosted overseas and image-based abuse is a developing area of law in Australia, Mr McAlpine said it can be an "uphill battle" to get content removed.

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If you are worried that your intimate images have been shared online you Nudes website visit the eSafety website to report the abuse, find practical information and advice about a range of options they can take. For more information you can also contact Internet Removals on Nudes website Police officers were at recyclers in relation to a spate of copper thefts on October 22 when a taxi pulled up with defendant and the copper wire.

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Anonymous users asking for pictures of girls from specific places around Australia. Anonymous users asking for pictures of girls from Penrith.

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Users asking for pictures of specific women. Request for women from Newcastle.

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