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Itil process maturity framework

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Foremost amongst these is the idea of benchmarking ITSM maturity and capability.

This is where planned Itil process maturity framework activities and analysis are used to rate the performance of IT elements against an industry standard ITIL Maturity Model. An assessment usually proceeds by interviewing stakeholders, observing work in progress, and by identifying and testing material evidence. The intention is to ultimately improve the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the interactions between the IT processes or IT functions under investigation.

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Powerful process improvement made simple. During the assessment of a process or function, a series of questions or statements are put to the interviewee.

The standard set of statements for all ITIL processes is supplied by Axelos, who also define the ITIL Maturity Model itself, and the online assessment mechanism for providing responses to each statement.

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Here is an example statement:. In the Axelos assessment methodology accompanying the ITIL maturity model, there are only two ways of responding to this statement: One can immediately see how there are a possible range of answers which cannot be reflected by a simple binary choice.

Also, when using this method face-to-face with Itil process maturity framework interviewee, the requirement for a binary response effectively shuts down discussion, and can be a demoralising experience for those who would like to provide a much richer answer. The binary response format, in contrast to the Likert Scale format, also gives us no additional information, no clues about how to find corroborating evidence, and no opportunity to mine the skillsets and experiences of those being interviewed.

Let's look at this more closely and suppose that one hundred statements relating to a single process such as Incident Management most processes and functions have at least one hundred associated statements are put to each of five interviewees, giving a total of five hundred Itil process maturity framework to statements.

Although Axelos do not reveal the exact method by which they arrive at a maturity rating when responses are Itil process maturity framework via their online portal, many assessment professionals have reverse-engineered maturity scores by this or similar methods:.

It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of assessment methodology gives Maturity Models a bad name. Before moving on to how a different method of assessment using the Likert Scale can bring a maturity model to life, let us examine the ITIL Maturity Model itself a little more closely.

In summary, the model provides definitions of five maturity levels referred to as.

This paper describes a holistic...

There is starting to be a focus on operating proactively, although the majority of work is still reactive. Process improvements are actively sought, registered, prioritized and implemented, based on the business value and a business case. Every assessing organisation should be not just looking for a Maturity Rating, but also a detailed set of results and insights which are actionable and specific.

The perfect vehicle for these ideas is the combination of a Likert Scale with the Maturity Model. Simply put, a Likert-type scale to give it its proper name is a five or seven or even nine point scale which prompts the interviewee to express how much they agree or disagree with a particular statement. An important advantage of the Likert Scale over the binary response method is that it allows for far greater accuracy at the granular level of individual statements.

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For example, perhaps customer surveys are used, but not consistently, or only in one area. This leads to probably the most important advantage of the Likert Scale in that it has the effect of opening up the conversation with the interviewee to expose the subtleties of the issues and improvement opportunities. The binary response approach Itil process maturity framework incapable of giving this type of rich data.

Another advantage of the Likert Scale is that when used skilfully and intelligently it can be mapped against the ITIL Maturity Model in a very effective way. In the actual assessment situation, whether using spreadsheets or more advanced software like Zeno, each of the Likert Scale responses is visibly aligned with the Itil process maturity framework and characteristics of the ITIL Maturity Model levels.