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Adult baby man

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and Adult baby man. It's late on a warm Thursday night in April, and William Windsor heads to the checkout stand at the Fry's supermarket at 20th Street and Highland Avenue, in central Phoenix.

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Customers and cashiers stare at Adult baby man 5-foot, pound man, who is dressed in a pink bonnet, pink shorty dress, and white patent leather shoes. Gold heart-shaped earrings twinkle beneath his carefully curled hair. Under his dress, you can see his diaper. He takes his place in line with a carry-all basket full of juice and Gerber baby food. It's Baby Man," says Adult baby man cashier, a Hispanic kid who's heard the legend but has never been a witness to the spectacle.

And even then, you're likely to think Baby Man is the star of a hidden-camera TV show, a singing telegram, or maybe on his way to a costume party.

But Windsor is for real. This is no spoof. But Windsor seems oblivious. When offered a business card and asked for an interview, Windsor doesn't bother to remove the pacifier he's sucking on before responding. And then he gets into his Buick sedan -- personalized Adult baby man plate: Then he'll wash his messy nappies before putting himself down for the night in a custom-made crib big enough for a baby his size.

William Windsor, who answers to at least a half-dozen nicknames -- Will, Willie, Bill, Billie, and to the name of his alter ego, HeidiLynn -- does not call the next day, or the day after that.

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I have other nicks I go by on the Internet, of course, but 'Baby' is the one that seems to have the legs around here. He goes on to write that addressing "every avenue of 'the why?

He includes his phone number. You walk around in baby-girl clothes and a diaper, sucking on a pacifier. In late July, the second annual "Adult Adult baby man Camp" Adult baby man under way at a campground in Alberta, Canada, where a few dozen outdoorsy babies are expected to show, and fish the remote Wildhay River in nothing more than a cloth nappy. Miami featured it in an episode in February. Straight adult babies, like Windsor -- who was, in fact, once married and has a year-old son -- often have "mommies" who change their diapers, feed them warm bottles of milk, and even let them breast-feed, lactating or not.

Some have wives who make them frilly frocks and dress them up in baby-girl clothes. The gay adult babies, ironically, wear pastel blues and onesies made for adult baby boys, and are often on the lookout for daddies.

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But unlike William Windsor, the vast majority of adult babies keep the fetish under wraps -- going only so far as to wear a diaper under their jeans Adult baby man three-piece suits -- so they can function in the straight world. Windsor, though, doesn't worry anymore about keeping "the baby thing," as he calls it, a secret. And he thinks he's the only adult baby in the U.

Turns out, according to some reports from online forums and psychological surveys, there have been, and might be, several "extreme" adult babies like Windsor. But it doesn't take long -- two years at most -- before Adult baby man succumb to mounting debts and the hazing they get in public.

It's hot and muggy outside Bogie's, a biker joint on 26th Street and Indian School Road, and the early-evening sunlight shines through the cracked back door, illuminating a layer of cigarette smoke hovering above the bar. Baby has yet to arrive. In fact, he's 45 minutes late, despite the promise that he'd be here early to case the joint. Finally, William Windsor appears in the foyer. His face is flushed and he's Adult baby man winded from the walk over, from his apartment a few blocks away.

He enters to an ovation of silence and disbelief. A tiny Navajo woman pushes herself up from her stool to get a glimpse, and two men in tight corduroy shorts have forgotten to light their cigarettes. The lull continues for about five seconds before a lanky something asks aloud:. He wears a pink bonnet over his golden locks, a pink polka-dotted dress that barely conceals his diaper, white bobby socks with lace trim, and those patent leather shoes.

He sets a rag doll down gently next to his pacifier on the bar.

Turns out, William Windsor can afford a tank of gas every week for the next 20 years without having to work another day for the rest of his life. But overzealous frugality is certainly not the oddest thing about a man who once locked down the seat of his toilet for months to become incontinent. Windsor says he doesn't want to be asked about "family or finances. Three weeks after his father's death in DecemberWindsor threw away every piece Adult baby man grown-up clothing he had, Adult baby man an oversize crib, a specially made high chair, a diaper-changing table, and a closet full of specially made baby dresses, rumba panties and onesies.

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