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On average, I hear a Match. It has nothing to do with Dr.

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Phil29 Dimensions of Compatibilityor doing fun activities together more on that later …so, here we go:. There are just over 90 million people on MySpace. In the world of dating sites, people are currency.

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The price of dating today is not cheap. No matter what dating site you plan on joining, bring some plastic with you.

People who meet in a bar are in a relatively low pressure environment. They might have gone with the hope or intent to meet someone and at the same time, they could easily have as much fun just talking with their friends. MySpace presents a low pressure bar-like atmosphere.

Someone once told me that they answer the e-mails of those they know first. Those that they know they trust.

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MySpace has a system of trust built into it. That sort of trust is implicit in MySpace.

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If I were to receive a message from a girl I did not know, I would be more likely to respond to her if she was somehow connected to one of my Friends. Thus, the network of MySpace brings a tremendous amount of transparency with it.

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In the end I can read what they say about themselves, what others are saying to them, and what they are saying to others. Unlike traditional dating sites, MySpace is much more social, much more engaging. Adult personals site it a true dating site would damage its chemistry. Still, MySpace can foster a better dating scene — they just need to be much more subtle and creative in doing so.

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While MatchActivity suffers from a terribly small number of users e. If they are smart, MySpace will pay much more attention to the dating element of the site.

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Phil29 Dimensions of Compatibilityor doing fun activities together more on that later …so, here we go: DatingAnyone helps you track the dating status of people on your MySpace friends list, and presumably catch them on the rebound. Written by Ken Yarmosh, a Read/WriteWeb. Guest Blogger. On Adult personals site, I hear a.

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