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The journey from simple male chastity to cuckolding chastity is an interesting one. Being cuckolded Male cuckold your woman, dovetails Male cuckold with being denied sex by her. In fact most would argue that it instills an extra thrilling aspect to the concept! How deliciously thrilling is that. As your cock remains locked away in its little cage, your woman is out there unzipping another mans trousers and freeing his big penis to stroke and no doubt have sex with.

This is the added dimension that leads from plain old male chastity to chastity and cuckolding — a combination that can send a man into a painful ecstasy!

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He will begin to beg for a release, state that this male chastity thing is not what he really wanted after Male cuckold, complain of discomfort and needing more orgasms and even attempt to top-from-the-bottom. Only a firm, consistent and tenacious stand by his keyholder will thwart these annoying but persistent rants of discontent.

And initially, it can take quite a bit of time and effort on her part to get him to this stage of acceptance. While every woman is different, one of the issues that may be of concern for Her will Male cuckold the lack of penetrative sex. After all, his dick is not available anymore. They feel slightly disgusted that they would even want to watch their woman having sex with another male.

If you are locked away in a little cage, then she needs to find someone else help satisfy her desires. On the flip side of the coin, cuckolding a male in chastity can permanently destroy a marriage that is already on shaky ground. After the decision is made to cuckold Her already chastised male, she can now spread her wings, soar to new heights and show off her feminine power. There is nothing quite like chastity cuckolding that Male cuckold demonstrate Her dominion of dominance while at the same time, remind and reinforce his submission.

Obviously, this will be incredibly fun Male cuckold Her while equally devastating and humiliating for her chastity cuckold.

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Male chastity and cuckolding form Male cuckold symbiotic relationship that work in perfect unison. Together they exquisitely take a man to the deepest depths of submission and servitude. Before I married my second Wife I gave her a Cb male chastity device and promised her that I would wear it in her honor when ever she wanted me to.