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Popular picture-messaging app Snapchat can be used to launch a denial-of-service attack against a user's iPhone, a security researcher said. Pocket DDOS Ddos snapchat can flood a Snapchat user's account with thousands of messages in a matter of seconds, causing the app to freeze and the entire device to crash, Jaime Sanchez, a security consultant for Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, wrote on a post on seguridadofensiva. Users may need to perform a hard Ddos snapchat on their iPhones to recover.

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Sanchez demonstrated the weakness by sending 1, messages within five seconds to the Los Angeles Times reporter Salvador Rodriguez's Snapchat account, Ddos snapchat his device to shut down and Ddos snapchat, the Times reported. The attack won't crash Android devices, although they will become slow and the app will be impossible to use, Sanchez said.

A vulnerability in the Snapchat...

Snapchat's privacy-conscious app lets users send photo and video messages which disappear shortly after the recipient has viewed them. When a user sends a message, the app generates a new token to verify the user.

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Unfortunately, it appears that old tokens can also be reused to send additional messages, Sanchez found. Poor Security Ddos snapchat Snapchat positions itself as the privacy-friendly messaging app, but has struggled with security issues recently.

This latest finding just exacerbates the company's poor reputation among cyber-security researchers. The company dismissed reports from research group Gibson Security last summer of Ddos snapchat flaw within the app which could be used Ddos snapchat expose user data. On New Year's Eve, another group successfully exploited the vulnerability and published usernames and phone numbers of almost five million users.