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How do you know if you are codependent

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Addiction is a complex disorder that has several origins. People who struggle with addiction may have a family history of substance abuse or may have experienced abuse in childhood. Substance abuse is a complex web of social, economic, and biological factors.

But one factor often takes a backseat when we talk about addiction and substance abuse, and that is codependency. We hear the term? We use this term so often that it loses its How do you know if you are codependent.

At The Treatment Center, we explain what codependency is, how it can hinder someone in recovery, and how it may have enabled behaviors that made it easier for a loved one to be addicted. From a psychological perspective, codependency is any relationship between two people who can?

The other person defines a codependent person? In a real codependent relationship, there is generally a passive party who can? A typical example of codependency in substance abuse is one person abusing substances and relying on the other to provide food, shelter, and money.

While this is one working definition, codependency can be?

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Though codependency is common in substance abuse, it doesn? Take, for example, a relationship in which one partner is extremely possessive and jealous.

Researchers also found that codependent...

They may shower the other partner with gifts to convince this person of their affection, and then hide their partner? In other words, they get satisfaction from controlling the other party, who becomes afraid of leaving.

Another common form of codependency is enabling. We may all enable our significant others from time to time, but in codependent relationships, enabling is problematic. We describe enabling as actions that reinforce one partner?

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Typical examples of enabling include giving repeated chances, accepting excuses, coming to the rescue, or ignoring the problem altogether. Enabling prevents someone with a substance abuse problem from feeling the consequences of the addiction. For instance, a partner might take on extra hours at work to make up for a partner? People may have a natural disposition to codependency.

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