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The Amateur Championship sometimes referred to as the British Amateur or British Amateur Championship outside the UK is a golf tournament which has been held annually in the United Kingdom Maxium amateur winners except during the two World Wars, and in when Ireland hosted the championship. It is one of the two leading individual tournaments for amateur golfers, alongside the U.

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It normally has the widest international representation of any individual amateur event, with 38 golf federations from all six continents represented in the championship. Before World War II it was regarded as one of golf's major championshipsbut given the modern dominance of the sport by professional golfersthis is no longer the case.

The inaugural championship was held in by the Royal Liverpool Golf Club and was, for many years, regarded as an unofficial event. The tournament was Maxium amateur winners on 20, 21 and 23 April and was "open to all amateur members of recognised golf clubs".

The format was match-play.

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All players were included in the draw for each round, any extra player receiving a bye. If a match was halved after the 18 holes both players progressed to the next round, playing each other again.

There were 49 entries from 12 different clubs, although only 44 were included in the draw and four of these players did not Maxium amateur winners up.

Of the 22 first-round matches, 2 were halved, meaning that there were 12 matches in the second round. Each player paid a 1 guinea entry fee.

This, together with 25 guineas from the Royal Liverpool club, was used for prizes. Entry to the Championship is now given to the most-qualified applicants from around the world, Maxium amateur winners perhaps half the places reserved for top players from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Qualifying rounds for all players were first introduced inwhen the popularity of the championship led to the number of applicants increasing to unmanageable levels.

The first stage of the Championship involves players, each of whom plays two rounds of 18 holes, one on each of two courses, over the first two days. The 64 lowest scores over the 36 holes, and ties for 64th place compete in the match play Maxium amateur winners of the Championship, on the event's principal course, and are seeded by qualifying scores. Each match consists of one round of 18 holes, except for the Final, which is over 36 holes. Since there are generally more than 64 qualifiers from the stroke play stage, the first round of the match play involves a small number of matches to reduce the number of qualifiers to exactly Tied matches are broken by sudden death over extra holes.

Maxium amateur winners

The Amateur Championship is a...

The event is played in June, normally with a Monday to Saturday schedule. The winner receives invitations to three of the major championships, namely the following month's Open Championshipand the following year's Masters Tournament and U.

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Open provided he remain an amateur prior to each major. The Amateur Championship is open to amateur golfers of any nationality in good standing with their national federations.

Briton John Ball won the most career titles, with eight.