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Fetish for large words long

Porn Pics & Movies Fetish for large words long.

Look at the way they march across the page, wrapping around the images just so.

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Those words that make us get jiggy with it, regardless of their definitions. The way they take up that space on a page, the effortlessness as they slide off the tongue.

Well, we can't have a suggestive blog without HER, right? You want to know mine?

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Not sure I want to share. I love so many.

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But I will try to narrow the list a bit. Not that it matters—I would love these words no matter what they defined:.

Epicurean [ep-i-kyoo-ree-uhn] — fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures; having luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking. Phalanx [fey-langks, fal-angks] — in ancient Greece a group of heavily armed infantry formed in ranks and files close and deep, with shields joined and long spears overlapping. Oblique [uh-bleek, oh-bleek] — neither perpendicular nor parallel to a given line or surface; slanting; sloping.

Most people hear the word...

Solipsism [sol-ip-siz-uhm] — Philosophy — the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist. There are a lot more—these were just what I came up with off the top of my head.

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So belly up the the bar, but watch those obliques; enjoy the epicurean feast of syllables. For all you solipsists, form a phalanx if you must.

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Author known to use spontaneous satire, sarcasm, and unannounced injections of pith or witticisms which may not be suitable for humorless or otherwise jest-challenged individuals. Witticisms not guaranteed to be witty, funny, comical, hilarious, clever, scintillating, whimsical, wise, endearing, keen, savvy, sagacious, penetrating, fanciful, or otherwise enjoyable.

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The Surgeon General has determined through laboratory testing that sarcasm can be dangerous, even in small amounts, and should not be ingested by those who are serious, somber, pensive, weighty, funereal, unsmiling, poker-faced, sober, or pregnant. I collect odd or unusual words, especially ones that can substitute for curse words, like swive, twiggle or sard which all mean essentially the same thing.

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