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Head shaving is the practice of shaving the hair from a person's head. At different times and places people have shaved all or part of their heads for very diverse reasons including practicality, convenience, low maintenance, religioncultureand aesthetics. The earliest historical records describing head shaving originated in ancient Mediterranean cultures, such as EgyptGreeceand Rome.

The Egyptian priest class ritualistically removed all body hair by plucking. This included hair on the head, eyebrows, and beard. The practice of shaving heads has been used in the military.

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Although sometimes explained as being for hygiene reasons, the image of strict, disciplined conformity may certainly be a factor. During World War II's Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day Shaved slave girl, many soldiers chose to have their heads completely shaved, denying the defending Germans something to grab onto when the battle moved to close quarters.

For the new recruit, it can be a rite of passageand variations become a badge of honour.

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The Shaved slave girl of the United States, Russia, and several other countries have welcomed their recruits by giving them haircuts using hair clippers with no guard attached. Before then, the regulation haircut in the Greek army for recruits was en hro an archaic phrase for "shaved to Shaved slave girl bone".

A shaved head continues to be commonplace in the United States military. There have been traditions spawned from shaving a service member's head. Most notable is the tradition of shaving one's head when a service member enters the Mediterranean Sea by ship for the first time, known as "Med Head" [ citation needed ].

Prisoners commonly have their heads shaven, often ostensibly to prevent the spread of licebut may also be used as a demeaning measure.

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Having the head shaved can be a punishment prescribed in law. The Nazis punished persons accused of Rassenschande racial defilement by parading them through the streets with shaved heads and placards around their necks detailing their crime.

During and after the end of World War II, thousands of Shaved slave girl women had their heads shaved in front of cheering crowds as punishment for collaborating with the Nazis during the war.

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Many BuddhistsHajj pilgrims and Vaisnavasespecially members of the Hare Krishna movement, shave their heads. Some Hindu and Shaved slave girl Buddhist monks and nuns shave their heads upon entering their order, and Korean Buddhist monks and nuns have their heads shaved every 15 days.

Muslim men have the choice of shaving their head after performing Umrah and Hajjfollowing the ancient tradition of committing as a slave to Allah. Hasidic Jewish men will often shave all their head, save for their Payotor sidelocks. In certain Hasidic sects, most famously Satmarmarried women shave their head every month before immersion in the mikveh ritual bath.

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Throughout much of the 20th century in many Western Shaved slave girl, head shaving was considered [ by whom? Head shaving was often associated with manual workers such as seamendock workers and soldiersas well as with prisoners and hospital patients. Competitive swimmers will often shave their entire body, including the head, to reduce drag while swimming. The same may also Shaved slave girl true for sprintersjoggers or runners.

People with alopecia often choose to shave their heads to hide the effects. Those with Alopecia areata and men facing male pattern baldness may choose to shave fully. Jackson are famous examples. In the s, some British working class youths developed the skinhead subculture, whose members were distinguished by short cropped hair although at that time they did not shave their heads right down to the scalp.

This look was partly influenced by the Jamaican rude boy style. Head shaving has also appeared in other youth-oriented subcultures which include punkhardcoremetalcoreNu metalhip hoptechno musicand neo-nazi scenes.

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A sexual fetish involving erotic head shaving is called trichophilia. While a shaved head on a man relates to virility, a shaved head on a woman typically connotes androgynyespecially when combined with traditionally feminine signifiers.

It may, but does Shaved slave girl always, express membership in the bisexuallesbian and genderqueer communities. Similarly, gay men sometimes incorporate a shaven head into their overall look, particularly amongst the bear subculture. Specifically, the stereotypical " Castro clone " look commonly shave their heads in order to project Shaved slave girl homoerotic ultra- masculine image. Drag queens have sometimes adopted shaven heads, again, to express a genderqueer image. In the BDSM community, shaving a submissive or slave's head is often used to demonstrate powerlessness, or submission to the will of a dominant.

In solidarity with cancer sufferers, some people chose to shave their heads — Shaved slave girl as part of fund-raising efforts.

Baldness is a well-known side-effect of the chemotherapy often used to treat cancer, and some people shave their heads before undergoing such treatment.

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In modern settings, shaved heads are often associated with characters who display a stern and disciplined or hardcore attitude. Goatee beards are often worn to complement the look or add sophistication.

For Shaved slave girl of Breaking BadBryan Cranston wore a goatee along with a clean shaven head, contributing to the iconic image of Heisenberg. In futuristic settings, shaved heads are often associated with bland uniformity, especially in sterile futuristic settings such as V for Vendetta and THX It is less common for female characters to have shaved heads, however, some female characters are bald.

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