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Google chrome market penetration

Sexy Photo Google chrome market penetration.

Google released the Chrome browser on September 2, For the last 30 days, here are my Google Analytics stats for mattcutts.

So after one year, three different sources report market share of 2. More importantly, Chrome has pushed all browsers to be faster, more modern, and generally better. And if extensions are your thing, those are coming along as well. Does anyone know of other sources for browser marketshare? How do the Google chrome market penetration stats look for your site s? Added, April 5th Looks like W3Counter has browser stats too.

Added, April 6th Wikipedia is a top site on the web and they produce a breakdown of their browser visits. See also this Wikipedia page that collects metrics data from a bunch of different companies. Matt — check out http: Not bad at all.

I mentioned them in the post. Site A download site for productivity software: Chrome is holding steady in 4th place, at 4. Site B educational site Google chrome market penetration CS students: Site C my personal blog: Chrome, in 3rd place, dropped from 7. Here are the stats for fincas-terrenos. Chrome is doing great on my blog traffic as well.

If you website is well optimized for fast loading then of course visitors spend good time on chrome as it is much much faster than others. I have Chrome Google chrome market penetration 2. Above Opera, but below Safari.

These are the numbers for a large German newspaper site for August 1. Not that weird, why should it be weird? Check my stats here.

Browser & Platform Market Share

The company I work for has a website with about visits per month. There are visitors from all over the world, and they are not webmasters some might be of course.

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Chrome went from 2. Internet Explorer went from Our mexican food grocery site gets K visitors in Aug 09, with 2.

Seems like every vertical may be different penetration. Nacho Hernandez, thanks for stopping by! I totally agree that it depends on the type of site you have. I was actually just looking at these stats on our website yesterday. Chrome is 2nd for us at From the June 30 to July 30 period, Chrome was at Chrome was at 8.

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