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How to talk to your crush if your shy

xXx Images How to talk to your crush if your shy.

Trying to get the attention of my crush was a mix of embarrassing and pathetic moments that usually ended in him hooking up with another girl because he had no clue how I felt.

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I wrote this for all the other quiet girls out there. Here are 15 things all shy girls do when they have a crush on someone: Hold eye contact for a few seconds because you read you should do that, then freak out about it. Try to think of something witty and smart and wonderful to say when talking, but actually think of it three hours after you spoke. Tell everyone how you feel about you crush… except, you know, your crush.

Are you a shy girl?

15 Things All Shy Girls...

Can you relate to these? What can you relate to the most?

What did I forget? Tell me in the comments. Follow Gurl, pretty please! My crush goes to my school. His name is Dustin. Started liking him in 4th grade, after my previous crush Michaeland his friend who I told in person, started bullying me.

I still really like Dustin. I told him on YouTube, on one of his videos. That I have a crush on him.

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Every week In school I see him staring at me, profusely. So yesterday, on Friday. I actually sat behind him table behind the one he was sitting at. So Karen, my friend comes and asks me if I wanted to sit at a different table. We sat at the table in front of his. When 8th grade got called to the gym. Dustin was walking behind us.

I mean now even some of her friends are telling me that she has feelings. As a shy guy, i must say this is me in every way.

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There was a time when i had a crush on a girl and my friend gave me an ultimatum. If i didnt go talk to her in ten seconds he would do it for me.

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Of course i did not have the courage to approach her so he went and i ran away. I thought i would be safe sitting at a table with my other friends.

But then my friend approach our table with the girl close behind.

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