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Judas priest hell bent for leather video

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In earlyJudas Priest released Stained Classan album that found them moving away from the look and sound of their early influences: They were no longer an up-and-coming new band; Judas Priest were now leaders of a new movement. Just a few months later, on Oct.

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It's far from a perfect album and it's far from their best, but it is a pivotal moment for the band and for heavy metal. It's the album where they further refined their look and sound.

The title track is a rallying cry for the genre, and to this day, fans are still thrilled to see Rob Halford ride onto the stage on his motorcycle when the band plays the song live.

Judas Priest were never an elitist band, and they clearly wanted to invite new fans to the party.


That's something that Judas Priest clearly wanted, along with cultural relevance. He always knows who and what is relevant, and by the late '70s, culture was changing. The punk movement made sprawling blues jams and epic progressive rock seem obsolete; sci-fi and fantasy based epics about good and evil were falling out of favor.

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Streamlined and shorter songs with more personal lyrics resonated more, especially on the radio. By the end of the decade, FM radio was becoming more tightly programmed.

Priest reacted and tried new approaches to their sound.

It didn't always work: Some, like Metallica and Iron Maiden, actually achieve it. To put it another way: Priest's road to straddling the mainstream and the metal subculture starts on Hell Bent for Leather.

It's ironic that the album that defined the look, the sound and possibilities of an entire subculture is turning 40 on the day that the Rock and Roll Hall Judas priest hell bent for leather video Fame issues its ballot With all due respect to other recent inductees, it's a bit difficult to pinpoint the impact of some of the artists who have been voted in over the past decade.

Would music be notably different if you somehow removed, say, the Dire Straits from the timeline? What about the Hollies?

Are there a lot of artists who cite the Lovin' Spoonful as being life-changing? There certainly have been a lot of bands who might not exist -- or would be radically different -- if not for Priest. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook.

Killing Machine is the fifth...

To me 'Killing Machine' aka 'Hell Bent For Leather' is the 70's highlight of the studio albums in Judas Priest's discography. If you want real classics you should. Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather - Music.

This item:Hell Bent For Leather by Judas Priest Audio CD $. Related Video Shorts.

Killing Machine is the fifth studio album by British heavy metal band Judas Priest. With its release in Octoberthe album pushed the band towards a more.

The iconic album turns 40...

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