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Jumpshell Co-Founder Tired of predictable things to do in Boston? I'm pretty sure everyone who lives in Boston is going to figure those out on their own. They also run a great weekly series on things to do in Boston this weekend! Secret Boston isn't too complicated — it's just a huge following of cool, young people in Boston talking about parties, art, music, lifestyle, fitness and anything else that comes to mind. If you're wondering what to do in Boston, then you should join the community and find out!

And Michelle — founder of Secret Boston — is made of champion stuff. Co-founded by Tom O'Keefe — who runs the ubiquitously loved and followed BostonTweet — Flutter creates amazing local experiences that benefit great local charities. They launched in early June Definitely check it out — it really is a win for everyone involved you, them, the community. Here's an example of a Flutter campaign you can donate to and the incredible prize you can win!

Yes, it looks like a dingy convenience store, but actually: Situated on a quiet residential block in Boston, the unassuming storefront looks like a classic, fully-functional New York City—you got it—bodega. But walk to the back, trigger a tile in the floor, and watch as the Snapple machine slides away to reveal a sleek dark-wooded retail space, chock full of some of the most sought-after footwear, designer streetwear, and sportswear around.

Now go take a visit. And you can check out some Unique date ideas boston their selection at their Unique date ideas boston store.

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I'm debating whether to even tell you more or just let the intrigue of laser cutting take you away upon the clouds of imagination. It really is a treat to find yourself within the speaker range of the twang Unique date ideas boston KB's soulful keytar — if you hear him, check him out! Boston Calling just wrapped up their summer set, but they wasted no time in hyping the next Boston Calling — coming September Boston Calling is without a doubt Boston's premier music festivalhosted at City Hall Plaza and drawing some killer performers.

Check out the details below. Here's the menu — scroll to the bottom and look on the right. Yes, it's not baseball season, but this is still an awesome one to keep in mind.

6. Trivia Night

Let the countdown begin! With a window that looks directly through centerfield and into the parkit is the only view of its kind. They've got you covered.

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