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Wife and sister fuck mother

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I find my relationship with my sister both pleasant and awkward. My sister lived abroad for many years and has come home in recent times. She is a successful businesswoman who divides her Wife and sister fuck mother between living in Ireland and going abroad to see after her business interests.

She is with my wife and me quite a lot and we get along very well. The trouble is that I find I am increasingly thinking of my sister in a sexual way. When we were young there was some sexual tension between us, though we never did anything wrong. On one occasion, when my sister was 15, there was a family event, and my mother bought her some new clothes.

This included a new set of underwear which I remember well was silky and gleaming.

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I was a year younger and a bit innocent. We used to horse-play a bit, and as her skirts and dresses in those days were short, her underwear was often exposed. I hardly noticed Wife and sister fuck mother until puberty set in and from then on I was sexually aroused much of the time when I was with her. My sister was more mature than me, and, looking back now, I think she enjoyed teasing me.

Sitting down, she would often draw up her knees and let me see up her dress. But as I say nothing ever happened. You must understand that we had been brought up at home and in school to be scared of anything to do with sex and sin, which were practically synonymous.

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Time passed and those earlier experiences faded in my memory. But when in my middle years I started having problems with not being able to ejaculate when making love with my wife, a piece of advice I was given was to think of something that excited me sexually. Somehow my mind drifted back to those days with my sister as I fantasised about what might have been, and that plan actually worked.

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It did mean, however, that my sister was becoming increasingly a part of my sexual imagination. There are things that my sister says and does that Wife and sister fuck mother see as a form of sexual teasing, but it is quite possible that she is unaware of her effect on me.

She has had in the past, several relationships with men but they led to nothing permanent. She now says that the only man in her life is me, while my wife says jokingly that she's welcome to me.